Chromecast guest mode

Guest mode FAQs


Here are a few guest mode frequently asked questions. If these don't resolve your question, please ask members of our help community.



How close do I need to be to a Chromecast in order to use guest mode?

The Chromecast only makes its presence known to devices within Wi-Fi range (typically limited to 25 feet).

How will I know if guest mode is turned on for my Chromecast?
  • Only users connected to the same Wi-Fi, can turn on the Chromecast to guest mode.
  • If guest mode is on, your Chromecast will display a 4 digit random PIN on the Chromecast.
  • Alternatively, the user needs to be in front of the TV screen to see and enter the PIN.


Can I turn guest mode off?
  • Yes, you can turn off guest mode at any point from the Google Home app. Here's how to manage guest mode
  • If you have more than one Chromecast on your WiFi network, select the Chromecast device where you want to turn off guest mode, then turn off Guest Mode from within device settings.


How does the Chromecast in guest mode make sure only people in the same room can connect to it?

Chromecast transfers ultrasonic audio tones to authenticate and ultrasonic audio does not go through walls, glass or even fabric. If the mobile device trying to connect to the Chromecast is not in the same room, it won't be able to hear the ultrasonic tones. You will also need to be in front of the TV screen to see the manual PIN.

Does every Google Cast-enabled app work with guest mode?
  • No, Google Cast-enabled apps that send local media from your phone or tablet to the Chromecast do not work with guest mode.
  • You will not see the cast icon in an unsupported app, even when you are near a Chromecast in guest mode.
Does guest mode work with Nexus player?

No, currently guest mode is not supported on Nexus player.


How do mobile devices nearby know there is a Chromecast in guest mode nearby?

Chromecast in guest mode emits a special Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacon. Your phone looks for this beacon and determines that a Chromecast is nearby.

How do mobile devices connect with a Chromecast in guest mode?

Chromecast in guest mode emits a special Wi-Fi beacon. Your phone looks for this beacon and determines that a Chromecast is nearby.

  • Chromecast will automatically transfer a randomly-generated 4-digit PIN to the mobile device seeking to connect to it via guest mode by playing short ultrasonic audio tones that you won’t hear.
  • If this audio pairing fails, the user needs to see the PIN on the idle screen of the TV that’s connected to a Chromecast in guest mode and enter the PIN manually.
What devices support guest mode?
  • Guest mode can be turned on from the Google Home Android or iOS app.
  • Additionally, devices running Android 4.3+ or iOS8+ support casting to Chromecast in guest mode, without connecting to the same Wi-Fi network.


Does guest mode use mobile data for streaming from the guest’s phone/tablet?

No, when a mobile device connects to a Chromecast in guest mode only minimal data is used to signal to the Chromecast. The Chromecast streams content using the Wi-Fi network it's already connected to.

Can I use guest mode even if my phone or tablet is connected to a different Wi-Fi network?

Yes. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network different from your Chromecast, you can still cast to a “Nearby device”.