Chromecast Promotional Offers

Please note it may take up to one week after you have purchased your Chromecast for an offer to appear when you check for offers on your Chromecast. If you do not see an offer you believe you qualify for after one week of your purchase, please contact us.

This page lists available promotional offers for your Chromecast. Please note there may be additional offers available for your device. Once you have set up your Chromecast, access and redeem all available offers for your Chromecast from the Chrome Browser or your Android or iOS phone or tablet. You can learn more about how to access and redeem all available offers here.

United States

Enjoy a movie rental with a $6 Google Play credit when you when you buy and set up a Chromecast before March 23, 2015. View offer terms here

Google Play: Buy Chromecast and enjoy a subscription to Google Play Music, free for 90 days. Offer ends January 31, 2016. View offer terms here.