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I see poor video quality when casting a tab

Two main issues can cause video quality issues such as stuttering or freezing.

Computer performance:

  • Power saving features may cause your computer to run at less than maximum performance, especially when not plugged in. Plug in your computer, or adjust computer settings for power management to run at maximum performance.
  • Exit other applications (or close other tabs) that may be running in the background.
  • Try reducing to Standard (480p) quality for tab casting if you're using the default High (720p) setting, via the Options menu that is accessible by clicking on the Cast icon.
  • Review the minimum system requirements to ensure that your hardware is capable of casting a tab.
Network performance:
  • Casting a tab requires a good Wi-Fi connection. You may get a better connection by moving your router closer to your TV, or using the HDMI extender included with Chromecast to adjust the position of your Chromecast device.
  • If your computer has the option of using a wired connection, or if it can connect to your network using 5GHz, this may yield better performance (so your computer and Chromecast aren't sharing available 2.4GHz bandwidth, please note that your Chromecast must be set up first). For this to work, AP Isolation/Client Isolation mode must be turned off on your router. Learn more about AP Isolation/Client Isolation here.
  • Other applications (e.g. BitTorrent) or devices on your network may reduce available bandwidth; minimizing these may help.
  • The Standard (480p) option described above requires less bandwidth than the High (720p) setting.



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