Set up your Chromecast device (3rd gen or older)

The Google Home app will walk you through the steps for Chromecast setup. This includes Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra.

If you've already set up your Chromecast on a mobile device, you don't need to set it up again on a different mobile device if all devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

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Important: We no longer support Chromecast setup on a computer. To set up your Chromecast, use a mobile device.

What you need to get started

  • A Chromecast device (3rd gen or older).
  • Latest version of the Google Home appGoogle Home app.
  • Google Account.
  • A display device with an HDMI input, for example, a high-definition television (HDTV).
  • Access to an available power outlet and a secure wireless network.
  • Meet the minimum Operating System (OS) requirements to run the Google Home app Google Home app.
  • An internet connection.
  • Access to a secure wireless network (make sure you have the wireless network password handy).
  • For Chromecast (1st gen), connection to a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz network.
  • For Chromecast, connection to a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4/5 GHz network. 
  • For Chromecast Ultra, connection to a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac 5 GHz network.
  • A compatible phone or tablet.
  • Availability and performance of certain features, services and, applications are device and network dependent and may not be available in all areas. Subscription(s) may be required, and additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply.

Set up Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra

  1. Plug in Chromecast.
  2. Download the Google Home app on your Chromecast-supported iOS device.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth.
    • If you already have Bluetooth turned on, you can skip to the next step.
    • Highly recommended: if you don’t have Bluetooth turned on, the Google Home app will ask you to turn on Bluetooth to help improve the setup process. Depending on your iOS device, you can swipe up or swipe down from the top or bottom of your Home screen to turn on Bluetooth.
    • If you don't want to turn on Bluetooth for setup,
      1. Tap No Thanks.
      2. Tap your iPhone's Home button tap the Settings app Wi-Fi.
      3. Connect to the Wi-Fi network that matches your Chromecast device. Look for something like ChromecastXXXX.b.
  4. Open the Google Home app Google Home app.
  5. Follow the steps.
    1. If you don’t find the steps to set up your Chromecast:
      1. At the top left of the Google Home app home screen, tap Add   Set up device  New device.
      2. Follow the remaining steps.
  6. Setup is successful. You're all done! 

Troubleshoot setup

If setup didn’t work, try the following steps:

  1. Reboot your Chromecast.
  2. Unplug your router, then plug it back in.
  3. Connect manually to your Chromecast’s service set identifier (SSID).
    1. Open your phone’s Settings app and then tap Wi-Fi and then connect to the Chromecast SSID.
    2. Open the Google Home app and try setup again.
  4. Factory reset your Chromecast.
  5. Contact support.
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