Get Started with Chromecast

What's in the Box?

Inside the box, you'll find the Chromecast, a USB power cable, a power adapter (optional), and an HDMI extender (optional). It's important that you only use the cables that come in the box with Chromecast; other USB cables and HDMI extenders may not work.

  1. Chromecast: Chromecast plugs into any HDMI port on your TV, and uses your existing Wi-Fi network to stream video from the internet to your TV. Chromecast is controlled from devices on the same Wi-Fi network, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers, and is powered using the USB cable (#2).

  2. USB power cable: The USB power cable provides power to your Chromecast. One end plugs into your Chromecast, and the other end plugs into either a USB port on your TV or the power supply.

  3. Power supply (optional):The power supply is optional, and can be used with the USB cable to power your Chromecast if your TV does not have a USB port.

  4. HDMI extender (optional): The HDMI extender is optional, and can be used if your Chromecast does not fit directly into your TV. The HDMI extender may be used to improve your Wi-FI reception, and if recommended for your set up, you may see a notification on your TV screen to use the extender. The HDMI extender should be connected to the TV first, then to the Chromecast.

If you're having trouble, please try our Chromecast Troubleshooting tips here.