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Updating Firmware Message upon starting Chromebook After upgrade to version 93, I am getting a message that there is Firmware upgrade in progress, do n… How to connect external microphone? I bought a new microphone for future project. I have everything set so that it can work and it shoul…
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How do I get rid of a company managing my Chromebook?(they also blocked Linux) I have tried a factory reset, using Linux but that was blocked. They blocked all addons to chrome as… In Keep I can not reorder items in a list when in tablet mode. Is there a fix? Did a power wash after first returning to Stable channel. I'm using Chromebook as a tablet and when …
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Wifi connectivity issuss. Need help Hidden microsoft extention alarming in system logs, takes over cros modem i19 and replaces my router…
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Inable to sign into my college account I have been trying to log into my utm college account. But it will not let me, because it will not e… Sheets Help Needed My sheets seems to have a setting I can't find to change. Depending on the cell I'm in I usually hav…
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