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Microphone Hello everyone i have a problem my problem is my microphone it doesnt work i tried everything even i… can't install chrome os hi experts.. i have a problem with samsung chromebook, when i turn it on i always get this message o… why cant i log into my main account (this is my main account) on youtube.com? [background] i made another account (to use as an alternative account) i went on youtube, i can log …
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How do I get them back?! Yesterday my sister pressed 'sign out' on my account on my Chromebook. I didn't think this would be … My text on my Chromebook is all bold, how do I fix that? My Chromebook is all bold it's annoying but I don't mind it. But sometimes the words go blurry. How …
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Session lost after automatic update restart While my Chromebook is suspended any Chrome OS updates will be forcibly applied and restart my machi…
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Cant login, even after powerwash and recovery Hello, I have ASUS Cromebook C204. It was working fine until 2 days ago. It was ChromeOS 87. First i…
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How do I configure number like,eg (53,700.00) i want to configure numbers in mathematical order,e.g (53,700.00) etc but the number would not confo…
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using an Asus n.b. w Win10 2create a chromeos rec. image 4 my Acer Chr.book it freezes at writing erased memory card (usb) tried several times to restart
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Spell check should include a second language Chrome Browser on Windows offers the possibility to add a second language for the spell check. On th…
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How do I change my phone number How do I change my phone number How do I speed up my browser?I've tried everything that I know of.I have a Samsung Chromebook. I've tried clearing browsing data several times and just wondering what else I can do, like reset it…
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