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Updated: Today
Why can't I download from an SD card anymore? I used to be able to download from an SD card but one day I couldn't download from my SD card anymor…
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extension/app not working i have an app/extension that wont work. it used to-and i had problems with the hp chromebook, but th… how do i fix the problem of not being able to see pictures on offer up when i open offer up i cannot see any of the pictures until i click on the picture
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I can't add a new screencast. Hi, I have a problem with a new app "Screencast" from the latest ChromeOS update. As shown in the fi… how do i move photos im trying to move photos from one file to another on a chrome book, instead of moving the selected p… what do i do if my chromebook won't turn on? i closed my chromebook and a while later when i came back it was totally off. I thought it was becau… Why does my SD card say read only on my chromebook i never had this problem before but i put my SD card into my chromebook and it wont let me put files… Strange behavior of on-screen keyboard in tablet mode on HP Chromebook X2 I have noticed strange behavior of the on-screen keyboard in tablet mode on my HP Chromebook X2 (det… How to I connect my cochlear processors (bluetooth capable) to my chromebook? It's not pairing. I've tried connecting my bluetooth cochlear processors to this Chromebook and they will not pair wit… External display will not "wake up" after OS 104 First, all previously worked before the update. After the update my external monitor will not displa…
Updated: Yesterday
I search anything on google and on the side is say sign in but I already have an account when I search somthing on google on the side it says sign in but I already have a google account I t…
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In today's "critical update" my shelf color changed to green and I can't change it. My chromebook restarted today and when it came back on my shelf is now a bad bridesmaid's dress colo… cant mount crptohome cant mount cryptohome reset password Bootloop asus chromebook RABBID Hi everyone, I have retrieved an asus chromebook (RABBID to be exact). I have some issues with it. T… Can I print to a Brother MFC-5895CW printer over wifi? It's not in the supported list. I've tried putting in other model numbers and the generic PDF and Postscript options. The printer ge… Brother no longer printing or scanning (moved) All of a sudden my Brother HL2280DW stopped scanning after an update ? This was very troubling, afte…
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Why is it deleting files I had pictures of my son that I can't replace now and important files that I can't get back that I n… Why isn't my chrome connecting to Samsung A5 Bar? I tried all the TB steps, yet the BT doesn't connect. Rest it is normal with connecting all the devi… how do I reconnect to modem suddenly laptop wont connect to modem saying bad password. How do I reconnect? other devices connect…
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how do i make my photo to 800 size i have tried everything i know but need to make the photo down 800 size
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