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Updated: Yesterday
What type of application file does chrome OS run? (ex: Windows - .exe) I Cannot figure out what program files my chromebook can run "Access to the file revoked by the file manager" for Google Drive from Android subsystem app Greetings, ChromeOS folks, I have an Acer 516 GE Chromebook, Stable channel, Recently updated this w… Can’t close OS verification off and ESC won’t work, I need this Chromebook I keep trying to get out of it and I tried a similar question already, nothing is working. they are stupid nothing cause there is no prob these thing suck always apps blocked all because if some funny vid an…
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New chromeos update 118.0.5993.124 has a big bug I've tried installing the new 118.0.5993.124 version on my chromebook and every time it tells me to …
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Pixel phone Midi - Roland Piano App - not connecting when run on Android Chromebook I bought a new digital piano - Roland RP-102 - that has Roland Piano Android app that teaches piano …
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my chromebook has no update "My Chromebook model is Chromebook3100, which is supposed to have auto updates until 2029. However, … Reclaiming the cost of microsoft 365 when buying a new chromebook Recently purchased a new acer chromebook from Argos and there was an offer that if you purchased 365… Whenever I tried to redeem a NVIDIA code its showing that I need to come back later. Suggestion down I think that it would be better to include Roblox as the rewards because there are many school stude…
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I cannot login in with to my chromebook using my main account but can with other account My Lenovo chrome book had a hardware fault that was repaired. When it came back it had been power wa…
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Updated: This week
How to revert to shelf only displaying windows on the current desk instead of every desk The recent Chrome OS update made it so that the shelf displays every window on every desk. How do I …
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How can I look at my Screen Time. I want to know what my screen time is because I feel like I am spending to much time on my Chromeboo…
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Automatic Updates and Security Checks Will Stop I'm wondering if there is anything I can or should do when I receive the Final Notification that Aut… same issue here are the details Google Chrome: Version 118.0.5993.124 (Official Build) (64-bit) Platform: 15604.57.0 (Official Build…
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How can I get the latest ChromeOS update? Hi, Hope you are well. I keep getting the "Update available / Learn more about the latest ChromeOS u… STOP the pop-up calendar appearing in the bottom right-hand corner This is a BUG and pop-ups up randomly when typing somewhere else on the screen. Here is a link to wh…
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How do I install Chromebook Plus on my qualified device? I have a ASUS Chromebook CM34 Flip (CM3401) that is on the list as qualifying for Plus. How do I dow… Cant enter recovery mode I’m on Flex 3 CB-11IGL05 Laptop (ideapad) - Type 82BB I’ve tried esc reset power but it does not work
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