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Updated: Yesterday
How do I open the Linux Terminal? I have recently reinstalled Linux, however when I open the terminal app, I now have a new menu (Imag…
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How do I make google meet operate in my chromebook. it was working before but it suddenly collapsed google meet is nolonger working on my chromebook . when I open it it says Meet doesn´t work on your … Opening Icons on 2nd Monitor We have connected our devices to a second monitor. When I click an icon on the shelf on the second m…
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USB and Bluetooth failure on wake up I have an HP Chromebook 14, when waking from sleep the USB ports do not work nor does bluetooth. I h…
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My linux terminal wont start When i open terminal It will just load for ever. I have tryed to open crosh and do Vnc start termina…
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WHICH BRAND OF CHROMEBOOKS PROVIDE BEST SUPPORT? DEAR COMMUNITY - Why don't we help one another to find the best brand of Chromebooks (of course, Goo… chromebook is it better to just close lid on chromebook or power off each night add account to chromebook Chromebook only shows setting up a child account when I choose Add Person. How do I add another acco… how do I change my lock screen password? I went to settings but I couldn't find a setting that says change password. My Chromebook on-screen keyboard blank after last update My on-screen keyboard is blank (all white) after last Chrome update. I've rebooted and still the sam… Google Photos App Crashes When Trying To Edit Like others have reported, the Google Photos app crashes (for me, anyway) when attempting to edit a …
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Will chrome os support hi res audio soon for streaming? When I hook my dac up via USB port Chromebook does not support streaming hi res audio. 
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How do I use balena etcher on chrome OS I installed balena etcher on chromebook, loaded the OS image and the target was an micro sd card but… how do i remove tote? I do not want nor need the 'tote' icon that has mysteriously appeared on my Chromebook. Previous met… How to stop Chromebook automatically choosing which Phone to connect to. I used to have a galaxy J5 connected to my chromebook but bought a new phone (Moto e20). However, wh…
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How to deactivate internal wlan module on a Lenovo C340-11 chromebook? Hello everyone, since almost day one my wlan module is buggy. It got worse over time and now it hour…
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How can i revert my chromebook back? After running a cpu test, my chromebook had an unexpected shutdown. This made the bar at the bottom …
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