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What to use after Cloud Print is discontinued? I heard from my news feed that late next year Google is going to be discontinuing Cloud Print. I use…
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I can't open Word documents anymore, does anyone know how to fix this? I am trying to open a Word document. When I select the document Word freezes and eventually says it … My very new Chromebook is slow and horrible with video streaming but only in browser...please help! I bought a new Chromebook about 3 months ago, mostly used for video streaming. Since the beginning, …
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I have back up call history Sunday ky bd ki call history
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My Chromebook no longer receives OS updates. Should I turn off Chrome sync between Mob/Chromebook? I have read that syncing on Android device may update your Chromebook so wondering if I should turn …
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chrome prompting to open in other browsers in chrome on my chromebook, whenever I open a new tab, it prompts me to pick a browser. I keep check…
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How do I get rid of the black theme on a Pixelbook? It is horrible, and all the colors are distored. Spoke to the Google support. Looked in settings for some way to turn off the black theme. I never se… How can I delete all the docs in my document folder ? I need to delete all the documents I have created in the DOCs file instead of one by one ? Hi, Why can't I download/view PDFs on my Chromebook? It says "pdf is of invalid format." I get a "PDF is of invalid format" error message when I try to view or download PDFs on my Dell Chro…
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How do I log out of my gmail account on my chromebook? I don't see the logout option anymore. I am trying to logout of my gmail account on my Chromebook and I can't find logout. I clicked on the…
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My chromebook camera started saying "your camera is currently unavailable,Please check if the camera OK I've I have possible ways that my camera stopped working, I sometimes delete the camera extension…
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Backup FROM Chromebook TO Google Cloud? I want to AUTOMATICALLY copy everything I download to my (small) Chromebook SSD to my (larger) Googl… My Chromebook won't accept my password even tho' Google has verified it as good. I can't get into my owner account to see my files. I can use the internet on the Chromebook as a gue…
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why can't I sign on to peapod ? peapod said theres an issiue with google chrome book can not sign in to peapod there saying theres a problem with google chrome book how do i stop the onscreen keyboard from popping up on my chromebook? clicking the accessability feature only disables the shortcut. the behavior of the keyboard popping … I'm having difficultly finding the correct HP recovery app to use. I don't see my system in the recovery list of HP systems. Tried creating a recovery OS on my thumb drive. how do i move the task bar I am trying to move the task bar How do I do it? Thinkpad Chromebook turns off instead of going to sleep when closed. My chromebook is a thinkpad, and is a school administered chromebook. The wires on the right hinge a…
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Bluetooth keyboard occasionally inserts letters in the wrong order I am using a Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard that I've paired with my HP Chromebook 13 G1. If I type qui…
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How to reverse screen on Chromebook? I want to take a picture, but not of myself. I have done everything I can think of. I tried but still not able to reverse the picture.
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