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how do i mirror my screen from iphone to chromebook i want to have my phone screen displayed on my chromebook
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На десктоп установить реально? Системные требования плиз если да. Лептоп утонул, десктоп пока юзаю, хочу с винды н на хромос
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volume issues So, I am trying to listen to people, and my Chromebook keeps on cutting out the sound. Can someone h…
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How do I adjust microphone sensitivity? I really need to do this bc every time I try to record myself, my sounds loud, distorted, and has lo… I can't input gboard on my Acer Chromebook (android) , I've tried a 100x. it works on my Android pho I've uninstalled/reinstalled gboard several x. it tells me to use input keyboard, but it just doesn;…
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How do I download music from youtube and transfer it to my chromebook I have tried looking for answers but none of them help. Please help me as soon as possible.
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Is Service: com.android.vending:download_service supposed to use 100% cpu for long time periods? My Chromebook has recently been using a lot of processing power and causing the fans to turn on full… Zoom Push-to-talk (spacebar) feature on Chrome OS? Perhaps thousands or millions of kids are currently distance learning and many are using a school-di…
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Discontinuous Network Connection Samsung Chromebook Pro in hand, running latest ver. 85 stable, trying to watch youtube, the network …
0 Recommended Answers 9 Replies 3 Upvotes
casting from Android app stops when screensaver kicks in When casting video directly from Android apps (directly to chromecast, not mirroring screen!) it sto…
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 0 Upvotes
extended screen 10 minute timeout while watching full screen videos I use a 2nd screen as extended display. While watching full screen on any youtube, netflix, amazon, …
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How to unfreeze my screen I am trying to boot my chromebook. The screen is frozen
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Bluetooth turning on automatically So whenever I sign in on my Chromebook, the Bluetooth is on, and I can never figure out why. I never…
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Lost screen resolution setting after update Now I can not view the shelf it is below screen After Chrome OS Update I lost the option to select screen resolution, Now chrome OS does not fit my …
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Chromebook Samsung Xe303c12 - recovery reason: 0x05 TPM error in read-only firmware Meu chromebook quando tenta o restore com o pendrive e imagem original. Dando boot em seguida aparec…
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Reload Chrome App on a Chromebook Chromebook OS no longer opens. Believe need to download Chrome OS loader onto USB device to install;…
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