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How to Run Super Smash Flash 2 BETA on Chromebook (w/Linux Beta) So as I know, the new version of Super Smash Flash 2 BETA just came out last week, and I really want…
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Captive portal authorization screen freezes at Starbucks....will not login to wifi When I connect my CB to the Starbucks wifi the captive portal authorization screen opens up but rema… I tried all the fixes for these aw snap errors I get CONSTANTLY. Its worse than ever! What do I do? Aw snap errors - I made sure my acer chromebook was up to date. I moved all my downloaded files into…
0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 1 Upvote
How do I set saved photos as background on ACER Chromebook 15. No "Custom" option available. The only selections available in the Wallpapers menu are the stock Google selections. There is an "I…
0 Recommended Answers 11 Replies 103 Upvotes
Chromebook files lost from Google Drive after Powerwash Files were saved to Google Drive prior to a Powerwash. I checked Google Drive and saw the file size …
0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 1 Upvote
How to Fix Youtube From Crashing When Opening Another Tab/Application Every time that I open YouTube, and open up another tab or application, the YouTube page will crash …
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what games on chromebook you can play with xbox controller? i just want to know what games you can play on chromebook with xbox controller?
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Chromebook won't stop attempting to sync files. I uploaded some videos from my GoPro onto my Chromebook, but the files were too large for my remaini… Log in screen says 'unable to validate password' but password is correct. Why? If I enter password on login screen I get 'unable to verify password'. However if I enter as 'Browse…
0 Recommended Answers 28 Replies 26 Upvotes
"Your system is repairing itself" on boot I've got this message a couple of times before, followed by an complete wipe of my system. I thought…
0 Recommended Answers 28 Replies 60 Upvotes
"How do i unblock blocked sites I am trying to unblock a blocked for a year i have tried everything from google help to hacks nothin…
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 1 Upvote
How do I install a virtual machine on chromebook? I would like to install a virtual machine on my chromebook. I have read several blogs/post about ena… Files app has stopped syncing with Google Drive I have had the ASUS C302 Chromebook for 1 1/2 years. In the past, I've had no issues with File app f… Why is my Chromebook unusable when charging? I hope someone can help. I have two ASUS C223 Chromebooks. Both are unusable when they are connected…
0 Recommended Answers 9 Replies 3 Upvotes
For some reason my 'Recent' file folder in My Files no longer lists any of the files I am working on Cleared memory
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Cannot add child account to Chromebook I am trying to setup a Chromebook for my child. I have created a child account using Family Link. I … No Black and White option in the Print dialog I have connected my Canon MG5500 printer to my Chromebook via CloudPrint and when I go to print ther…
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 0 Upvotes
Shelf menu in the bottom right is gone, how do I get it back without requiring a restart? The time bar in the bottom right of the shelf disappears and the only thing there is just the input …
0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 0 Upvotes
my keyboard has a problem, when i click a letter it appears many times. how to solve to solve the problem on my keyboard, because when I write aaddition letters, if for example I type "…
0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 0 Upvotes
Why s4 did not have a portrait at the camera Portrait at the back camera
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