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Updated: This week
Chromebook suddenly restarting why trying to mobile data connection Hello everyone, Lately I've been facing a weird issue with my Asus C434. I have it connected with my…
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Forgot password chrome wont open on mt laprop Forgot pass word cant open on my laptop
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how to remove password when i turn laptop on trying remove screen lock password Chromebook says there is a network connectivity issue when using Netflix and Google Play Movies The internet is working fine, and I can use netflix through chrome. But the app says there is a netw…
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The letters On my keybOard are typing weirdly My O's and shifts keep typing strangely, whenever i want to type a lowercase O, mOSt Of the time the…
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How do I turn off Keep, on the lock screen? I just noticed an icon for Keep, in the upper-right of my lock screen, for taking notes while on the…
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Mouse Pointer Not Working My mouse pointer randomly stops working. I can see it, but it won't move and it doesn't work. If I r…
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Play Store app is no longer downloading and apps not available to install. Powerwashed & updated Google Play Store App Issue - I have powerwashed my HP Chromebook, checked for updates, its on the B…
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i cant download roblox i have tried to dowload it and some other games but it wont work How do I go on Roblox? lol I cannot play roblox it says "chrome os can't open this page" lol
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