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Updated: Today
New Flag: 'Force Dark Mode for Web Contents' Problem A few days ago I heard about this new flag: 'Force Dark Mode for Web Contents'. I enabled the flag a… Why am I getting an error message? Every time I try to exit a google document, I get the message: Are you sure? This document may not b…
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Why is my 1 day old Chromebook constantly glitching? Especially on word - how can I stop it? Typing on word and every minute or two it just stops responding to the keyboard, extremely frustrati…
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it says ”chrome OS is missing or damaged. Please insert a recovery USB stick or SD card Reccarge it several times
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My Chromebook no longer receives OS updates. Should I turn off Chrome sync between Mob/Chromebook? I have read that syncing on Android device may update your Chromebook so wondering if I should turn …
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My Chromebook won't accept my password even tho' Google has verified it as good. I can't get into my owner account to see my files. I can use the internet on the Chromebook as a gue…
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I can't open Word documents anymore, does anyone know how to fix this? I am trying to open a Word document. When I select the document Word freezes and eventually says it …
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Captive portal authorization I am unable to sign on to any WiFi network that uses a captive portal authorization page. I understa… Youtube not working YouTube not working
Updated: Yesterday
How do I change my cursor into a image? I've tried changing the cursor but their is no setting to change the image. Can you please update th… can anybody run a scanner from a chromebook ??? damn sure i cant even hard wired
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Bluetooth audio quality issue - Resolved Audio through bluetooth headphones was really bad - sounded like it was playing out of a tin can. Sa…
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How can i disable the automatic refreshing of the tabs? How can i disable the automatic refreshing of the tabs? When I change from one tab to another this n…
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How do I keep a tab from refreshing? Is there a way to keep a tab from going to sleep when you go to another tab so it doesn't have to re… Find Stored Wi-Fi Password Without Dev Mode I'm trying to find the saved Wi-Fi passwords without developer mode, as the title reads I lost all my download file data (local file) after finally being allowed to log in. today morning my Chromebook did not recognize my password so after multiple futile attempts, Google …
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Former employee refuses yo give password for company chromebook, how can we login? We have a company chromebook, the "owner account" is a former worker who refuses to give us the pass… Auto update expiration Whom do contact to express outrage at Google's OSS auto update expiration date policy? My 6 year old… No widevine component. How can I install it? I'm unable to find the widevinecdm in components section of chrome book. ( chrome://components) and … When I type quotation marks or apostrophe, I get ´ or ¨, instead of real symbols (straight&vertical) I´ve read the blog and changed the keyboard to US standard, US international, Dutch. Alle have the s…
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