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Roblox wont open on my chromebook. I just got a Chromebook a couple days ago and I wanted to played roblox on it so I downloaded it on … Why aren't screenshots saving to the location I defined in my browser settings? With the upgrade to OS 94 screenshots now save to my local Downloads folder rather than the location…
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NOT wifi. Chromebook USB to android cell using only cell stopped working in ver 92/ 93 steps repro I can assist to troubleshoot if needed. I started IT before 1985 :o) Issue: can no longer connect to… when i sign into my computer another day i see that some files i saved aren't there anymore . I'm trying to find any recent deleted files but I don't see them.
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I cannot get Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 to install on the Acer CB515-1H's I manage for my employer. I have whitelisted the app, have tried both "Allow" and "Force Install" but it seems that despite be…
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My chromebook is on Version 76 and says it is up to date; why won't it update to the newer version? I bought this ASUS C300M Notebook Chromebook in 2015; I've had trouble streaming online lately becau… Apps stopped working. Says eg "Netflix isn't responding". I have tried restarting, cleared cache, deleted apps and downloaded again.
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I want to restore my microSD card to full capacity. After formatting my microSD card, it's telling me I have 29.3 gigabytes of space when I know it's a …
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My Files app doesn't open any file from my Google Drive. It shows error The Files app doesn't open any file from my Google Drive other than Google Sheets and Google Docs fi…
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Apps on pixelbook not starting after recent chrome update After the chrome update yesterday on my pixelbook I now cannot run any apps - they either freeze or …
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