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Updated: Yesterday
We found on our son’s chrome book a tab “guest browsing” did he install it or was it always there We found on our son’s chrome book a tab “guest browsing” did he install it or was it always there He… How can I eliminate my toggle bar, which rotates from corner to corner? Have this on my Chromebook (see screenshot), and I don't know how to eliminate it. The switch moves … Why is a certain website not loading on my computer? I've tried reloading the website again and again, but the screen just goes blank and refuses to let …
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How do i stop this locking on my apps i have to put pass word everytime i get on This lock on my phone is a pain it makes me inter pass everytime I could go back and forth but I'll …
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3 external screens have a new Asus chrome book and have 2 external thinkvision screens working externally (through USBc…
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Help! My personal and work Google accounts are now linked and sharing bookmarks and history. I tried "customizing sync and then signed out of both accunts and signed back in. I then tried addin…
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No listed advice helps with keyboard settings Hi, New asus chromebook c434. Looked in forums, set up proper settings (US not international) a hard…
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I have a black screen it wont do anything I fully charged it . I push power button it won't turn on but I have the blue light that signals cha…
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Chromebit stuck at keyboard/mouse setup screen After a recovery/reset, the chromebit is now stuck at the keyboard/mouse discovery screen.. I have t…
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How to stop earphone static in videos? Loud static noise through headphones when any audio is playing. Continues for several minutes after …
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 1 Upvote
Someone else is listening and controlling my device be from another I need help
0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 3 Upvotes
My Chromebook keeps thinking there's headphones in the jack even though there isn't can you help???? look at the titie
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Message on my computer 502 Bad Gateway I am trying to do a search. Everytime I put something in, it comes back with the message 502 Bad Gat…
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