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Chrome 85 stable release seem to cause issues with Android Media streaming apps and Playstore I recently updated the 85 stable release to my Chromebook (new) and now every android Media streamin…
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Chromebook is asking for old password to unlock and restore local data My Chromebook (Acer CB3-111) will not let me login. I entered my password and it said it was incorre… I have 3 users on my Chromebook. 1 can't open any gaming apps. Why? The apps open and then close again before loading. I have cleared all caches, restarted the device, …
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Is the error "The security module on this device is not working." fixable? - Chromebook wouldn't boot normally showing the error "Chrome OS is missing or Damaged..." - I creat… After Chromebook Update, My Google Play Store Game Apps try to open but then disappears. I'm trying to play my games, but most of the apps won't stay open after trying to load up, they disa… spreadsheet en docs stopt working on chromebook since 2 days spreadsheet en docs are not opening on my chromebook. in chromebrowser you can select s… I am trying to connect my Cannon mx490 printer to my acer chromebook15, how can I do this? trying to connect my cannon mx490 printer to my acer chromebook 15 , how do I do this
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It says any printer can b connected to Chromebook. My Canon Pixma MG 3620 will not connect with the My Canon Pixma MG 3620 Printer was set up followed the instructions. Chromebook recognized the print…
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Stylus options not shown I recently bought an Acer Chromebook R13, i checked if i could use some kind of stylus on it, becaus… my chromebook cursor is duplicated and i don’t know how to fix it see if one my extensions are making my cursor duplicated, but none of them are. i don’t know what to…
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My Google account is not working on my Chromebook since powerwash Hello everyone, Sorry for my bad english. I have reseted my chrome (HP x360 14) using powerwash. I c…
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how do I fix google play? whenever I open it it just turns black and disappears My chrome book isn't installing google play and all it does is turn black and despairs
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Chromebook Randomly Speaking - Please Help My chromebook keeps speaking randomly and unprovoked. It is quite strange and creeping me out. The o…
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have free googleaccount inoperation have no administration not on chromebook os nothing really as mysettings dont show what im asked to go to got a free googleaccount who installed…
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When people send me pictures a red triangle with an exclamation mark in it comes on my screen what d When I receive messages that say download a red triangle with an exclamation mark in it and it wontb…
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google docs not loading google docs isn't loading at all. it takes over 15 hours for the freaking file to load!!!! wait gree…
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chromebook is super slow, takes a couple minutes to load things ive tried using crosh, and everything came back fine and positive, ive cleaned the cache, deleted fi…
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Zoom Screenshare Causing Black Screen My kids are using their school issued chrome books on Zoom. My kids keep running into an issue where… hp printer wont "save" even when it is connected by USB and shows up in the "add printer" section Trying to connect hp smart tank 510 printer to chromebook with a USB cable. It shows up in the add p…
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playing games get msg not responding do you want to A)wait B)close C) send feedback..WTF?? HELP I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY I'M GETTING THIS ALL OF A SUDDEN WHAT ITS FROM HOW TO GET IT STOPPED I'M DIS…
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