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Updated: Today
The connection is for an Android phone It's app's that won't stay connected on my phone
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I can't see ANY photos on my SD cards after hubby downloaded an audio file for his game caller! I really need to find my photos on my SD cards! Hubby downloaded a wolf audio clip for his game call…
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Unable to watch Tata sky d2h on my chromebook Dear sir I have been using HP chromebook 14G5 - Intel celeron - N3350/4GB/32GB since last one year When I press enter, it works. However, it also adds a backslash. Help! I have tried to see if my regional language settings were wrong, and I don't think they are. It's is…
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System UI not responding HP Chromebook keeps restarting back to manufactured screen, screensaver disappeared and have this gr…
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How do I open Word and PDF file links automatically (without going to the downloads folder)? I work in education and I have my students submit assignments as word or PDF files on our university…
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I have tried all the suggested ways to update settings but still can not watch itv hub without it sa I can not watch anything on itv hub without it saying oops need to update settings I have tried ever… when i turned on my chrome book it was in spanish and i cant read spnish how do i change it all back When i turned on my chromebook it was all in spanish and i cant read it. How can i change it back?
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How do I apply my Disney+ perk? In trying to use my Disney+ perk, I ended up with a monthly subscription that will bill my credit ca…
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how do I find my internet speed Looked everywhere Fire stick cast from Motorola g6 Firestick Help with casting from device to firestick Printing destination won't allow to select my printer I have cloud ready Canon printer that was working just fine. Suddenly, if I try to print from my lap…
Updated: Yesterday
my screen will switch to another language other than English usually Portugese my language will change from english to portugese without a blick
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I have a lg phone yet it keeps talking about chrombook? I dont have a chrombbook I have lag android phone. Does this mean someone has hacked me?
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my cursor has circles around it that takes 4-5 seconds to register what I'm trying to access I can't get my cursor to function properly, it has circles that take several seconds to connect, dur…
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Can't add my kid's Gmail to Mail app on iPad Just got my (under 13) kids each their own Gmail account, and we want to add them to the Mail app on…
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My google chrome won't let me log out of my accounts or change my default account. I can't change what account my google chrome logs into. When I click on the top right picture that n…
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Can't sign out of gmail. Click upper right circle & get "manage account" but no sign out option. Went to chrome flags to disable account manager but could not find it in flags anymore.
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How to resolve DHCP Lookup issue? Other devices connect fine; Chromebook connects to other networks. I just purchased this Chromebook yesterday and have had difficulty connecting to my home WiFi. I con… select to speak broken - any ideas on how to fix? I use select to speak as Iam disabled. suddenly it has stopped working. you can select the ice on an…
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