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Chromebook Battery is Extremely Unhealthy, But a Week Ago it Was Completely Fine 2 months ago, the battery on my Chromebook started to lose its charge way too quickly, much faster t…
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Why is Chromebook promoting me to use Google Dropbox when emailing PDFs Emailing one page PDF after attaching one, prompted to use Google Dropbox. If I have four PDFs I'm f… | Wake Source | RTC Alarm | Hi. I recently owned an Acer Chromebook, which I use to access files uploaded to the cloud when I'm …
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Can't Connect To Printer I previously mentioned this issue. I'm providing an update. I had one Chromebook (we'll call it "Chr… not able to use doc and other google services pls help I cant use my Google doc,sheet and slid on my chrome,it was working fine not until the week…
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My Chromebook battery drains much too quickly! In the morning, my battery is at 100%. Currently, it's at 62% after about 1 hours of use. I've Googl… How to remove neighbor's devices on cast screen on my chromebook? I'm in a residential building of 15 residents. We all share the building WiFi with a shared password…
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I'm trying to install lacros so I get updates I have a older Dell 3120 with expired updates and I am trying to install lacros thru flags and it do… ChromeOS just started saying it was critically low, manage storage won't start I came home from work, logged into my Chromebook, and it started immediately saying it was out of sp… Chromebook not loading some webpages Specifically, Chromebook is loading all pages but it not allowing be to log into Simplifi. It just g…
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Is it normal for the battery on a Chromebook to suddenly start to fail? In the past month, my Chromebook's battery has been super unhealthy. The health is at 75%, and each … how to disable power reload on chromebook? kids at school keep doing it to annoy me and i have adhd and I can't control myself when they do it.… school sucks block this website it is destroying my life. i have to wake up early every day to spend hours here.
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