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Updated: Yesterday
Internet not working in second account? I have just added a second account to my chrome book for my son to access his schools google classro…
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I have a Chrome OS and Gacha Life won't open. Can somebody please help? I have tried to restart my chromebook but Gacha Life won't open. Headphone mic outputs to external channel, not to its own headset I've read quite a few previous posts about headset issues, but none that seems to relate directly to…
0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 1 Upvote
Can't print from chromebook again after printing to a PDF I printed two pages from a large Google Doc file to PDF to make a PDF file of the two pages. That wo… My camera says its unavailable and that it might not be hooked up, how do I fix it? My camera says its unavailable, and that it might not be hooked up right. Its the camera that swivel…
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how to open my firestick on my computer how to set up my firestick
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My Acer R751T Chromebk doesn't highlight misspelled words in certain apps like hangouts and fb msgr I can't figure out why the spellcheck on the keyboard wont work on certain apps. It only works on an…
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Any recommendations for buying a new chromebook? Mine is slowly dying. Thank you! Please delete this is not allowed. I'm in the market for a new chromebook and looking for any recomm…
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Keep notes opens with blank page after I press "annotate image" after I take a screenshot. Clearing Cache, clearing storage, downloading another app (squid) and testing, and it works. 1. I ta…
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how do i change my password as i have been hacked on facebook. i am trying to change my password
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how do i remove interprise enrollment to remove interprise enrollment Files Blurry and Don't Work Hi, When I click on things like Files or Settings the window first comes up blank. If I maximize it,…
0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 1 Upvote
How can I disable Restricted Mode on Youtube? I think I tried but it didn't work... I'm trying to disable Restricted Mode but it doesn't work. My account is managed by an organization … Laptop saying Chrome OS is missing need to recover but I dnt no how Everything
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16:9 cast from Pixel Slate Hi guys! Just purchased a chromecast ultra to enjoy 4k streaming video from my Pixel Slate i7 (which…
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Play 4K movies with a pixel slate (i7) Hi guys, i have a pixel slate i7 but i'm not able to play 4k video, it's definitely way too laggy.. …
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How do I set up my chromebook with zoom.us ap? I am trying to load Zoom.us app onto my chromebook
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