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Updated: Yesterday
Audio and Video are out of sync when I record my screen with the native screen recorder About a month ago, I started using my Samsung Chromebook 4 to make screen recordings (with the webca… I am getting error on google playstore even i tried most of the fixes not worked. I am asking first time on google community hope i ll get a solution. first i want to tell you from w… comment refaire fonctionner mon pc portable , lenovo ideapad 100S apres suppression des partions j'ai un lenovo ideapad 100S apres une màj de windows 10 edition familial , met demander clé de bitlo…
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Chromebook After entering correct password it goes back to login screen
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My keyboard is inserting numbers and letters randomly! I have tried to factory reset and hard reset my Chromebook but still can't use the keyboard! If I pr…
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Chromebook keeps dropping connection to Android phone My Chromebook loses the connection to my Android phone on a regular basis (a few times every week). … I have my monitor connected to my chromebook and after about 5 minutes it suddenly disconnects. I have tried to change the monitors hdmi output, restarting my chromebook, restarting my monitor, un…
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The current ChromeOS update (as of 3 hours ago) broke USB tethering. Not in the crbugs db? I connect my Chromebook to the internet using USB tethering. This morning the Chromebook said there'… Cannot access Google mail, drive, or classroom, docs or anything from the waffle 109.0.5414.94 After powering on, I am taken to the sign-on screen. I use my username and password an…
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Help! My chromebook won't let me in. I am the owner, instead of having a box that says to enter the password, it just says "sign in". It …
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how can i print a text message w when i open the text on messages im trying to print the whole conversation.i have checked print all …
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Password problem I am sorry I bought a Chromebook. It is giving me so much trouble, that I never had with my other co…
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My computer froze My computer froze this morning and i couldn't get on it so when it unfroze i checked its battery it …
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