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Updated: Today
Chromebook endlessly stuck on "scanning for devices" for ANY Bluetooth despite hard reset, etc. When I click on the Bluetooth icon in the bottom right menu by the clock, it never makes it past the…
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My Chromebook wont allow sign in to my google account - sign in error I have tried to sign in to my Chromebook using my Google account. But after inputting my email, it d…
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Update broke Chrome while using L2TP/IPSec VPN After a recent update, we can no longer use the Chrome browser while our L2TP/IPSec VPN is connected… Account problems with Chromebook Hello, When I log in on my 2 chromebooks with my Google account owner, after the login, the system f…
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I have to disconnect and reconnect to the internet every time I open my Chromebook. Whenever I go to a non school website, like some typing game, I need to disconnect and reconnect to … my apps are closing when I don't want them to. when I open my Wattpad it stays open for not even a minute but then it closes and for tik tok when I… Account login problems with Chromebook. I have asked before but didn't get a solution to my issue. When logging into my Chromebook using my … My Files Were Snapped So one day I open my computer, and my saveState.dat files are all gone. I was just playing games so … Can't update chromebook Hi, the latest version of chromebook is 89 on stable but I can't update it is says "Your Chromebook …
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Updated: Yesterday
How do you send a "TEXT" message from your computer to a cell phone? Send a TEXT message to a cell phone via my Chromebook How do you do that? why am I receiving an error on docs but my classmates aren't? I cant work on my work because of this. why is this happening?
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I'm trying to download Google Play store I'm trying to connect to Google Play Store i dont have it
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What Do I do? (look at details to see my problem) I downloaded an extension from (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/categories/extensions) here is th… unblock my web store please i am school internet
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web store to unblock my web store
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How can I "reset" my camera - black screen and small white camera icon in middle! I have tried everything on this chat I can find. Whenever I open the camera app all it is is a black…
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id have question id have questiont
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Audio on ChromeOS Keeps stopping and Video and Music Players buffered Forever in web and in Apps Chrome OS 89 for the new version. That's when my Pixelbook's audio began to crash in Zoom, Hangouts,…
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How do you select different paper trays when printing to multi-tray printers from a Chromebook? Unable to print consistently from Chromebooks to Multi-Function printers with multiple paper trays. …
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Google Docs and Slides Are Jumbling and Shifting Words? Out of the blue, my all Google Docs started to shift all the words to the right and I can't copy the…
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