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Acer chromebook R11 can not factory reset, black screen, and keep turn on and off I have Acer Chromebook R11. I haven't use it for a while, I turned it on. I can login to chrome os. …
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What do I do with my Chromebook? It disconnects from wifi at certain points. Every time I turn on my Chromebook, log in or remove it from sleep, it disconnects. What do I do? I … Samsung Chromebook Battery Going Down I have a Samsung Chromebook but all of a sudden when I tried to use it today it seems that the Batte…
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This is a screen recording CAn you help me? Thanks!
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CHromebok problem I have a HP Chromebook 11 G3 EE Education Editon. When I turn it into a tablet, it does not go into … I use "Screen Reader" in Japanese. Is it possible to correct an obvious misreading? 日本語で「スクリーンリーダー」を使っています。明らかな誤読を修正することは可能ですか? Will my Chromebook keep charging when it's fully charged and the indicator light is still red? I've tried a hard reset,nothing,but my only concern is the battery exploding or a fire.My Chromebook… How do I get instant tether to work on Lenovo Chromebook Duet? Lenovo Chromebook Duet will not connect to Android phone via Bluetooth. I can scan and find Bluetoot… How do i fix HDCP lookup failed in my chromebook I want to fix some issue on my chromebook
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ASUS C301 touchpad stopped working The touchpad on my ASUS C301 suddenly stopped working. I have had to attach USB mouse to access the …
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 3 Upvotes
My bluetooth headphones connect but don't give me the option to use them So im trying to connect my iHip LED Headphones to my Chromebook, It will connect but it will not giv…
0 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 10 Upvotes
Clicker on chromebook not always registering even with use of an external mouse. Touch pad and clicker on my chromebook isn't making the click noise and isn't working. Even using th…
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Smart Lock Lenovo Duet problem Hi There I recently purchased a Lenovo Duet Chromebook. For about two day the Smart Lock worked and …
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