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Hoe do I restore my emaild to be linked to chrome? Connecting my email adress to a chrome icon on my laptop
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how do I retrieve an unsaved document from chrome-extension? Hello, I was working on a schoolproject yesterday but today all my google tabs were suddenly all gon…
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Playstore is not installing totok Play story is not installing totok
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my chromebook keyboard is not working I am trying to type but it just wont work. Ive tried everything from restarting my chromebook to pow…
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Hi, my epson workforce 2630 has been disconnected from the google cloud print. How can I reconnect Hi, my printer has been registered through the google cloud print. However, because I haven't used i…
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How do I get my chromebook load websites My laptop was working fine then all of a sudden now it only loads certain websites. Any other site I…
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Can someone please help me, I have no sound on my laptop but it does play when i put in headphones. I'm trying to fix my sound on my Asus chromebook, it seems to be working through the headphones but …
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I can't seem to get the microphone enabled on my son's chromebook. I don't even know where it is! I've tried several different things including enabling on certain sites. It almost seems like there …
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