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How to debug my page For develop,ng and malntnance and upkeep learn, teaching
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Chromebook bluetooth connects to wrong phone. When trying to connect to my second phone, the setup drop down shows my two phones. I select the fir…
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How do I install calibre on an Acer Chromebook Nothing until I find out if I can
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marksalazar_04@yahoo.com https://support.google.com/accounts/thread/3948541/facebook-password-recovery?hl=fil&msgid=3949617&a…
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marksalazar_04@yahoo.com Facebook account
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Can you upgrade a 32 bit Chromebook to 64 bit Then use recovery mode? LENOVO IDEAPAD DUET Chromebo Can you upgrade a 32-bit Chromebook to 64 bits? Then use recovery mode? LENOVO IDEAPAD DUET CHROMEBO… Most files in Google Drive folder give input/output error Hi, since recently, most files that I try to access on /mnt/chromeos/GoogleDrive/MyDrive give an err…
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Stylus input is generating inputs without touching the display. Recently my Lenovo USI Pen started to generate input events without even touching the display of my …
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Can't load tabs in Chrome browser. Hi Chromebook community! I recently ugraded my Chromebook from my aging Dell Chromebook 13 i3 to a n…
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Label Printer that works with Chromebook? HELP!! Can someone please help me find a label printer that works with Chromebooks? I cant seem to f… Unable to enable Linux Development Environment after updating to Chrome OS 91.0.4472.81 I just recently updated my Chromebook to the latest build of Chrome OS 91.0.4472.81. Now when I set … Printing on my Chromebook stopped working and locks up on the "Loading Preview" screen Any ideas? My "print preview" screen locks up. The 3 dots just keep bouncing and I can not print to any of my n…
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Can we use rioplayer app on the chromebooks which is used to play encrypted pendrive lectures. I'm trying to figure out an app compatibility on chromeOS. L2TP VPN not connecting Can't connect to L2TP - PSK vpn, alway getting error connection failed. The vpn settings are correct…
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Xe303 chromebook,need cmd,am i screwed? shell doesn't work Ssh doesnt work Updated to v91.0.4472.81 but when connecting to TV's HDMI, the audio is thru Chromebook and not TV? I've been connecting my Chromebook to my TV's HDMI and this set up has been working wonderfully. Ima…
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