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Updated: Today
ChromeOS stable has moved to 77 for almost two weeks now, and https://cros-updates-serving.appspot.c i am having trouble getting the new update so nothing is working
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How do I put a video from my camera that I took onto a google slide (please respond quick for school I have looked up many tutorials but they are for other computers and it wont upload to the slide. What is the criteria for Chrome telling me that it will no longer support my cloud-ready HPprinter? Today I saw a tiny dialog in my printer's preview screen saying that after December 2020 Chrome will…
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Downloading files from email directly to Google Drive on Chromebook I used to be able to download a PDF from my Hotmail directly to my Google Drive when working on my C…
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password loptop help to change my password for my loptop
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bluetooth will not let me remove device Ive tried everything to remove a device from bluetooth and it wont remove it.
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Flex 5 Chromebook 13IML05 Constantly Dropping Wifi Had been using this brand new chromebook for over 3 months with no issues. Issue started out of the …
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My mouse has been extra pixelated, and I know I'm not using a large mouse cursor. How do I fix this? A few minutes ago, I was uploading a super long, huge sized GIF to a website, and my computer "mini-…
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my screen color is fading how do i fix it??? this is all the brightness and it looks faded.
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I just powerwashed my chromebook, now the keyboard doesnt work. How can I fix this issue? I've not only reset it, but powerwashed it multiple times and the keyboard still doesn't work. The v…
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I wanna play among us! among us
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Chrome OS missing or damaged - black screen when insert recovery USB Got the ! screen with the Chrome OS is missing or damaged. Loaded up a recover USB on a macbook pro …
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How do I use installed fonts in google docs and slides on Linux Chrome? I have got 2 fonts on my chromebook but I don't know how to put them on google docs and slides using…
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Chromebook not starting. Charging indicator blinking when plugged in and making a clicking noise. I have a Dell Chromebook 11 (CB1C13). It's charger was handled a bit roughly by my sister. It fell, …
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hey, my lenovo Ideapad duet chromebook has recently letting sound out of my earbuds. I have verified that the earbuds work, and i have tried a lot of the tequniques out there exept for …
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Is the error "The security module on this device is not working." fixable? - Chromebook wouldn't boot normally showing the error "Chrome OS is missing or Damaged..." - I creat… how to access overview page before i updated my chromebook, there was a box in the righthand corner from which i could access th…
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Is there a possible way to install the Chrome OS without the recovery tool? I have tried using the Recovery Utility by Google, but it wants to fight me every which way. So, I h… Is the cursor color accessibility out yet? Has the cursor color tool release or is the update
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