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No Chrome OS 79 on HP Chromebook x360 14b My problem is that my chromebook runs with Chrome OS 76 and no update to 79 is found. Is there anyth…
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Ziggogo.tv cross form topic for help and support I have an lenovo chromebook, but have seen multiple topic around forums of ziggo abount multiple typ…
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Aw, Snap! message keeps interupting my work! Aw, Snap! message keeps interrupting my work in various websites? brand new computer. my wifi connec… How to Fix Youtube From Crashing When Opening Another Tab/Application Every time that I open YouTube, and open up another tab or application, the YouTube page will crash … Native printing on a classic printer attached to PC I have just setup my Chromebook to use Native Printing with the WiFi printer in my flat. In my house… How do you skip forward time on a video on your chromebook?On youtube, you can go to anypartbuthow You can skip forward on youtube, like you can go 10 seconds forward in the video or simply any part … Can't connect my android phone to chrome os. Hi ! i just installed chrome os on my laptop and i would like to connect my phone but the option loo…
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How do I change my lock screen password? I have tried to change my google account password but I want a seperate password for my lock screen. how do I get a link for a file? I have a project due tomorrow and I need to insert a link to a doc of a PSA video that's on my files… Chromebook Plus v2 SIM CARD MISSING??? Just received my Chromebook plus V2, during network setup something must've happened incorrectly, my… je veux seulement les ecritures. j ai ecrt l histoire de ma vie et je voudrais la sortir et je voudrais si c est possible de degermin…
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How do i link my infinixHot623x To access Chromebook account
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My Keyboard won't work If I click the back arrow it leads to Chromebook It won't take a screenshot!! I have tried resetting the keys. Like when you click personaization, It says ALT=Alt Esc=esc but it …
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Google chrome Indonesia 
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Chrombook does not have a stable screen. It moves around on its own. Curser will freeze at far right I guess nothing. I am not computer literate.
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So how come I cant connect My bingo blitz App to play I cant connect my bingo blitz App
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Is my chromebook being accessed remotely or what's going on? I have had issues with my Chromebook for a year now.. I randomly checked last year my security setti… YouTube, Duo, etc., that is all images have gone fuzzy. Is this a screen resolution problem? I have gone into settings and there is no means there to change screen resolution.
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can't access usb have tried shift/alt/m sometimes it works but not often
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I am not getting a delete option when trying to remove my pictures from the Images file,why? I need help getting my pictures deleted out of my images file. I have them copied on an SD card and …
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