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err connection refused
my laptop is hp chromebook i need help tried nearly evrything keeps saying err connection my wifi is a public wifi it sometimes connect but then the connection closes the wifi keeps saying gstatic connection refused might be firewall but i dont have firewall setting and i ahve also tried proxy
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I'm a Mr. Fixit who uses Sherlock Holmes diagnostic techniques.
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Before we get into more technical troubleshooting, try this --
  1. Turn off your Chromebook (don't just close the lid - do a complete power off)
  2. Turn off your WiFi router by unplugging the power cord. Also turn off all extenders, modem, and other network components.
  3. Wait 10 seconds or so.
  4. Plug in the power to the network equipment and watch the blinking lights until it all boots up completely.
  5. Turn on your Chromebook and wait for it to connect to the WiFi. The WiFi connection icon will stop pulsing.
  6. Sign in to your profile.
Did that fix it?
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tried didnt work keeps saying err connection refused caprive portal
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I'm a Mr. Fixit who uses Sherlock Holmes diagnostic techniques.
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This contains detailed troubleshooting steps for identifying and solving WiFi issues. If you are not comfortable, or do not understand, the steps, get someone to help you. Keep detailed notes of anything that you change in your ChromeOS computer, or router. Change only one thing at a time, reboot the router and ChromeOS computer, and then test to see if the problem was fixed.
Read everything first, before doing anything. If you do not understand something, get someone to help you.
Before you do anything else, make sure you are running the latest version of ChromeOS. 
You will have to find a good WiFi connection for that to happen.
The only way to properly determine if your connectivity problem is caused by your Chromebook or your router is to test the Chromebook at other locations or other WiFi connections. If it can't connect anywhere, the problem is in your Chromebook and you will need to contact the manufacturer or a repair shop.
If you are using a managed device from a school or company, it may be restricted to only certain networks. Contact your administrator if that is the case.
Does the owner's profile on your ChromeOS computer connect, but not the others? If so, enable the WiFi option "Other users of this device can use this network."
If you are having problems re-connecting to your WiFi after your Chromebook wakes from sleep, try this:
​Go to settings > advanced  > privacy & security > keep wifi on during sleep. Enable that option. It seems to help some users. Also, make your network "preferred" 
If you can connect to the WiFi network, but you can't get any internet content, you are probably dealing with a captive portal WiFi system. Let us know if that is the situation, and we can give you some techniques that will help you sign in to the portal.
If you can connect properly at other WiFi locations such as a coffee shop or a friend's house, or with your phone's hotspot, it's the router, or router settings.
   But all my other computers and my Xbox and my phone work fine.
It's the router.
   But I know it's not the router.
It's the router.
   But . . .
It's the router.
See this Help site to get started with troubleshooting. Be aware that some older routers simply aren't compatible with Chromebooks due to incomplete or obsolete network protocol implementations. The Chromebook is always being updated to provide the latest and most secure connections possible. 
Then, watch this video and perform all of the troubleshooting steps that are described.
Run the Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics to help identify the actual problem. You can download that app here if it is not already installed:
If you have any "wifi extenders" in your home, they are frequently the cause of WiFi issues. Unplug them and see if that cures the problem. If it does, you need a different (newer, or stronger) router, or move to a modern mesh system such as Google WiFi. If you add a mesh system, but be sure to change your existing router to "bridged mode". Contact your ISP for assistance, if you are using a router they supplied.
If you are having problems with Android apps, but not websites, you may have an improperly configured VPN. Disable it, temporarily, and see if the problem goes away. If it does, consult with the VPN's support site.
If you have access to your router's settings, these tweaks often solve the problem:
  1. A firmware update in the router can sometimes fix compatibility issues.
  2. If your router is dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz), assign a different SSID to each band. This will let you choose the band and see if one works better than the other for your location in your house. 5GHz does not travel through walls and floors well. Your Chromebook may try to connect to the 5 GHz band, and then have problems reconnecting in a weaker signal area of your home..
  3. If you are using an extender or repeater, turn it off to see if it is contributing to your problems.
  4. If you have your own WiFi router, and have plugged it into the router provided by your internet service provider (ISP), you should change the ISP's router to "bridge mode". Contact your ISP if you need help with that. Having two active routers can cause all sorts of problems.
  5. In the router's WiFi security settings, make sure that your encryption is set to WPA2-PSK with AES Encryption. Disable TKIP if it is enabled. You may have to select WPA/WPA2. Do not select WPA only, as it is not secure.
  6. Disable WPS.
  7. Disable IPv6 - unless you are specifically using it.
  8. Disable WMM/QoS
  9. Do not use a hidden SSID - it really does nothing to improve security! Some Chromebooks will have problems connecting to a hidden SSID.
  10. Check (or temporarily disable) firewall settings to see if ports or sites are being blocked that may impact normal internet use. If you use something like Netgear's Armor or other router security packages, disable them as a test.
  11. Change the name servers from your ISP's default to Google's servers, and
  12. Make sure that the 2.4 GHz channel is set to only 1, 6, or 11. Other channels can cause problems. 
  13. Test for Bluetooth interference on the 2.4 GHz band - temporarily turn off Bluetooth and see if that helps. If it does, change WiFi channel and try again with Bluetooth turned on.
  14. Use a tool like farproc’s WiFi Analyzer on your phone (Android or iOS) to look for nearby routers causing interference.
    • https://sites.google.com/site/farproc/wifi-analyzer
    • Look for other nearby routers operating on the unapproved channels and choose your channel for minimal interference.
    • Use WiFi Analyzer's Channel graph to see if neighboring routers are on an interfering channel. Channel Rating feature to select the best channel for your router.
  15. If your router selects the WiFi channel automatically, the disconnections you are seeing might happen when the router senses interference and switches to a different channel. Based on the results from the WiFi Analyzer app, select the best channel numbers and manually set your router to that channel.
  16. If you are in a country other than the US, and you have a Chromebook that was produced for the US market, there may be an incompatibility between the router's radio channel and the Chromebook. US devices are restricted to channels 1-11, while channels 12-14 may be in use in other countries. If your router automatically selects channels, it may select channels 12-14, and your Chromebook will lose access.
  17. Save the changes and reboot the router
  18. Reboot the Chromebook - do a complete power down, don't just close the lid.
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i have a captive portal situation
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I'm a Mr. Fixit who uses Sherlock Holmes diagnostic techniques.
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You got the same captive portal error when you visited multiple WiFi networks?
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yepp thats the problem
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I'm a Mr. Fixit who uses Sherlock Holmes diagnostic techniques.
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Please go to
Then, click on "Additional details"
On the "Build Details" line, click on the icon that says "Copy build details to clipboard" when you hover over it.
Then paste (ctrl+v, or right-click Paste) the results in your reply. That will provide important information that will help us with troubleshooting.
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Google Chrome: Version 94.0.4606.104 (Official Build)  (64-bit)
Platform: 14150.64.0 (Official Build) stable-channel octopus
Channel: stable-channel
Firmware Version: Google_Meep.11297.250.0
ARC Enabled: true
ARC: 7833743
Enterprise Enrolled: false
Developer Mode: false
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I'm a Mr. Fixit who uses Sherlock Holmes diagnostic techniques.
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I don't see anything obviously wrong at this point. I'm not seeing similar reports, so the first thing to do is to see if there is something about your setup that is causing the issue. Follow the steps below, in order, and see if one of them solves your problem. Test for your problem after every step:
  • If you are using a managed device or account from a school or business, contact your administrator for help. See this Help page if you don't know if you are managed. We cannot troubleshoot or help with problems on managed systems.
  • Have you manually changed any flags on the chrome://flags page? If so, click the "Reset all" button, restart, and test again. Flags are not intended for use by anyone other than the developers themselves, or when recommended by a skilled expert.
  • Are you in Developer Mode? If so, you may have done something there that caused the issue and you will have to do a Recovery or seek help elsewhere. Note, this forum does not support issues that happen in developer mode. You will have to document that the issue still exists in Protected Mode.
  • Shut down and reboot. Make sure you are doing a proper shut down and reboot. Don't just close the lid, do a complete power off shut down. Many users rarely shut down - this is the cause of frequent performance and other problems.
  • When you first sign in to your profile, do your previous windows and apps reopen automatically? That can cause the problems to return. You are using the "On startup" option in Settings, "Continue where you left off". Consider changing that option to "Open the New Tab page". That provides you a clean startup environment. For now, close all open windows and apps, then shut down and reboot again.
  • Do a Hardware Reset​. Note that this is not the same as the other types of resets listed below! Hardware problems such as touchpad , display, sound, and other issues react differently from the other procedures.
  • Sign out of your profile and test in Guest Mode. If the problem goes away, sign back into your profile and then do a Browser ResetExtensions, themes, and other browser-related issues are taken care of here. A Powerwash will not fix these issues. Manually turning off extensions will also not work - a Browser Reset does more.
  • Remove all external devices - USB drives, SD cards, mice, headphones, everything. Turn off Bluetooth. Reboot. Did that change anything?
  • Next thing to check - are you running the Stable channel, or one of the unstable channels (Beta, Dev, Canary)? If you are not on Stable channel, switch to it and see what happens. Running in a non-stable channel is fun, but sometimes problems show up. You have to be prepared to deal with those problems, so make sure you have backups because you will have to do a Powerwash.
  • If you still have the problem, do a Factory Reset (Powerwash)This is more drastic than a Browser Reset and is only needed of the previous procedures fail to fix the problem. If you have profile issues they will come right back unless you did a Browser Reset first.
  • If you still have the problem, do a Recovery. It should only be done after the previous steps fail. This is the only procedure that will reload the Chrome OS system itself, and clean up from developer mode misadventures.
  • If you still have the problem, you probably have a hardware issue. Contact the manufacturer of your device, the place where you bought it, or a repair shop.
  • If you still think it's a ChromeOS bug causing the problem, then file a feedback report so that the ChromeOS team can see your system logs. Simply posting "me too" comments in this forum will not help. You MUST report it properly if you actually want the problem solved.
Note: If one of the steps solves your problem, please let everyone know exactly what step did it. This is a user-to-user help community, and sharing solutions is appreciated.
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how do i access my firewall settings
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