Charge your Chromebook Pixel (2015)

Your Chromebook Pixel (2015) battery will last up to 12 hours before you have to recharge.*

Plug in your power adapter

You can charge the battery on your Pixel (2015) by plugging a power adapter into one of the USB Type-C ports on either side of the Chromebook.

Connect to a phone, tablet, or laptop with USB Type-C

You can charge your Pixel (2015) using a phone, tablet, or other laptop with a USB Type-C port, if the other device supports two-way charging:

  1. If your Chromebook is plugged into a power adapter, unplug it.
  2. Connect your Chromebook to another laptop, tablet, or phone with a USB Type-C port.
  3. At the bottom right, select the time.
  4. Select Settings Settings.
  5. In the "Device" section, select Power.
  6. Choose the port to which your phone, tablet, or other laptop is attached.
    For example, if you'd like to charge your Chromebook using a phone that's connected to the left USB Type-C port, select USB-C device (left port).
  7. Your Chromebook will begin to charge from the other device.

Use the lightbar to check battery life

To check battery life, you can use the lightbar two different ways:

  • Close the laptop lid, then tap twice on the lightbar
  • Connect your charger and the lightbar will automatically light up

The bars show up right to left if the adapter is plugged in on the right, and left to right if the adapter is plugged in on the left.

The color of the lightbar on top of your Chromebook Pixel changes depending on how much life is left in the battery:




Battery is fully charged.


The number of yellow bars indicates how much power is left. More bars means the battery has more life in it.


Battery is getting low.


Battery is charging.


Battery is completely drained.

Note: If your Chromebook is plugged in and the lid is closed, the lightbar turns off to save power while charging. When you tap the lightbar or start using your Chromebook again, the lightbar will turn back on.

Use the battery icon to check battery life

In the lower right corner of your screen, click the battery icon Battery icon. A window will open to show you:

  • How much power is remaining
  • How much longer you can use your Chromebook without plugging it in*
  • How long it will take to fully recharge the Chromebook once you plug it into a power source

If your battery is about to die, a warning box opens in the bottom right corner of the screen. Plug in your Chromebook to continue working.

Troubleshoot problems

The connector on my adapter or my Chromebook is damaged

If the charge connector on your device or on the power adapter is damaged, don't plug it in, as it could permanently damage the device. Contact our support team for a replacement.

I'm using the power adapter that came with my Chromebook, but my Chromebook won't charge

If you're using the power adapter that you got with your Chromebook and it isn't working, you might need to reset it with the steps below:

  1. Unplug your charger from your device and from the wall.
  2. Wait a few seconds and plug it back in.
  3. Check the lightbar or the battery icon to see remaining battery life.

If the lightbar doesn't light up, your charger isn't working, or your charger is getting too hot, contact customer support.

I'm using a charger with a USB Type-C to Type-A adapter and my Chromebook won't charge

You can charge your Chromebook Pixel (2015) using most USB A ports or USB chargers with a Type-C to Type-A adapter cable.

However, these chargers provide less power to your Chromebook and take longer to charge than the original charger.

We recommend using the charger that came with your Chromebook. If you lost it or want a second one, you can order a new one from the Google Store.

* Battery life was tested using Chromium standard power_LoadTest at default brightness. The power_LoadTest was created to emulate average user behavior and measure the resulting battery life. Charge time testing is measured by battery capacity increase with lid closed divided by average energy usage during power_LoadTest.

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