Take a photo or video with your Chromebook

If you haven’t yet, sign in to your Chromebook.

  1. In the corner of your screen, click the Launcher Launcher and then Up arrow Up arrow.
  2. Click Camera Camera. Then, choose an option:
    • Take a photo Take photo.
    • Record a video Switch to record video and then Start recording Start recording.

You can also:

  • Take photos with a 3 second timer: Click Timer Toggle timer.
  • Switch between cameras: Click Switch camera Toggle camera. You can only switch cameras if your Chromebook has 2 built-in cameras.

See or save your photos and videos

  • See all photos and videos you’ve taken: In the bottom right corner of the Camera Camera, select the thumbnail of your most recent photo or video. To see the photo or video larger, double-click it. 
  • Save photos or videos: Photos and videos taken with the Camera Camera can be found in the Downloads folder of your Files Files. Learn how to store your downloaded files.​

Print or delete your photos and videos

  • Print photo or video: Click Print Print.
  • Delete photo or video: Click Delete Delete.
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