Take a photo or video with your Chromebook

  1. In the corner of your screen, select the Launcher Launcher.
  2. Open Camera Camera. Then, on the right side, choose an option:
    • Select Photo and then Take photo Take photo.
    • Select Video and then Start recording Start recording.
    • Select Square and then Take photo Take photo.

You can also change how your photos or videos are captured:

  • Change your settings: Select Settings Settings. Change the size of the grid, the length of the timer, or the camera resolution.
  • Flip your photo from left to right: Select Mirror Mirror.
  • Use gridlines to straighten photos: Select Grid grid.
  • Switch between cameras: At the left, select Switch camera Toggle cameraTip: You can only switch cameras if you plug in an external camera or your Chromebook has 2 built-in cameras.
  • Take photos with a timer: Select Timer Toggle timer.

Tap here to see an interactive tutorial

Find or delete your photos or videos

  • Find your photos and videos: In the bottom right corner of the Camera Camera , select the thumbnail of your most recent photo or video. To see the photo or video larger, select it.
  • Delete your photo or video: Select Delete Delete.
  • Save photo or video: Photos and videos taken with the Camera Camera can be found in the "Downloads" folder of your Files Files. Learn how to store your downloaded files.​

Edit or print your photos

  • Print your photo: Select Print Print.
  • Edit, crop, or rotate your photo: Select Edit Edit.
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