Prevent your Chromebook from overheating

Your Chromebook works best under certain temperature conditions. If you consistently use your Chromebook in environments that are either extremely hot or cold, you may experience issues with system performance and battery life.

Here are some tips to help you keep your device in optimum conditions for performance:

  • Keep the area around your Chromebook clear. Use your Chromebook on a hard surface like a desk or table whenever possible and ensure adequate airflow around vents. Be careful not to block any vents with pillows or blankets.
  • Take care to clean the exterior and vents of your Chromebook regularly. Over time, dust may accumulate around your computer’s openings, trapping heat. This may ultimately lead to your device overheating and you may risk damaging important internal components. A compressed air blower and a damp cloth can help to keep your Chromebook running cool and keep things tidy.
  • Store your Chromebook in a cool place. Even when you aren’t using your Chromebook, heat can damage internal and external components. For example, don’t leave your Chromebook in your car on a hot day.

You may notice your Chromebook gets warm as you use it. This is normal. Certain conditions may cause this, such as playing a graphics-intensive game or watching a high-definition video for an extended period of time.

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