Microsoft Word on a Chromebook

Office Web Apps, a free online version of Microsoft Office, is compatible with your Chromebook. Office Web Apps allows you to create, edit, and share basic Word files from any modern browser. Learn more here.

Use Google Docs

Your Chromebook comes with Google Docs, an app that let you create documents, work on them in real-time with other people, and store them online--all for free.

To create a document:

  1. Press the search key .
  2. Select Google Docs .
  3. This will open a new document that saves itself automatically as you work on it.
  4. To find your document again, press search and select Google Drive .

To open an existing document:

  1. Press the search key .
  2. Select Google Drive .
  3. If you want to save a document as a Microsoft-formatted .docx file, just head to File > Download As, and select Microsoft Word.

To learn more about Google Docs, check out the Google Docs getting started guide.

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