Tour of your Chromebook

The Chrome browser


Search the web directly from the omnibox

Chrome will show you search results from your default search engine. For speedier searching, use the Instant feature to see dynamic results as you type.

Search your bookmarks and apps

Look for the bookmark icon and in the omnibox menu as you type. Found what you're looking for? Use the arrow keys to select the item and press Enter to open it.

Stay informed with page alerts

If there's something about the page that you should know about, such as blocked pop-ups or security issues , icons will appear in the omnibox to let you know.


Easily rearrange your tabs

Drag and drop tabs along the top of the window. You can even pull a tab down and out into a new window. Right-click and pin a tab to make it stay in place.

Get more privacy with incognito windows

When you don't want website visits or downloads to be recorded in your browsing data, use the incognito mode. Click the Chrome menu to open a new incognito window.


Click the star to add a bookmark

Don't waste brainpower memorizing URLs. Click the icon in the omnibox to place a link for the page on the bookmarks bar. Use the bookmark to revisit the page anytime.

Find your bookmarks on the bookmarks bar

Keep the bookmark bar docked underneath the omnibox to get easy access to your bookmarks. If you decide to hide it, open a new tab or use the Chrome menu to find your bookmarks.

Organize your bookmarks in folders

If you’ve got a lot of bookmarks, place them in folders to keep them organized. To move bookmarks, drag and drop them along the bookmarks bar, or use the bookmark manager available from the Chrome menu.