Tour of your Chromebook Pixel

In this tour, we’ll walk you through the various hardware features of your Chromebook Pixel.


No Feature Description
1 Lightbar See remaining battery power at a glance.


No Feature Description
1 Power To charge the battery, plug one end of the power adapter into the power port on the left side of your Chromebook and the other end into a power outlet.
2 Mini-DisplayPort Connect external devices with a Mini-DisplayPort cable.
3 USB 2.0 Connect USB devices such as a keyboard or mouse.
4 USB 2.0 Connect USB devices such as a keyboard or mouse.
5 Combo headphone/microphone Connect headphones or a microphone.


No Feature Description
1 SD/multi card reader Insert an SD or compatible memory card directly into the card slot to access your data.


No Feature Description
1 Power button Press to turn your device on or off.
2 Search key Press to search your apps and the web from the apps list.
3 Touchpad Use gestures to move the cursor and select items on the screen.

Press Alt + Brightness up to increase the brightness of the keyboard, and Alt + Brightness down to decrease it.


No Feature Description
1 Integrated HD camera and microphone Capture high-quality audio and video.
2 Touchscreen display Explore the web and use apps with touch functionality.
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