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Get special offers for your Chromebook

Chromebooks come with some great freebies that you can redeem to get more out of your new device.

See which offers are available

To see which offers are available, check the Chromebook offers page. You can learn more about an offer by clicking Terms apply.

Redeem an offer

To redeem an offer:

  1. On your Chromebook, go to the Chromebook offers page.
  2. Next to the offer you want, click Redeem.

Fix problems redeeming offers

First, do these quick checks:

Step 1: Check if you're eligible for the offer

First, make sure all of the following applies to you:

  • Your Chromebook is brand new. Used, refurbished, open-box, and pre-owned Chromebooks aren't eligible for offers.
  • You've never redeemed the offer before.
    • You can redeem each offer once per Chromebook, or once per Google Account.

Next, check which offers you're eligible for:

  1. Sign in to your Chromebook.
  2. Go to the Chromebook offers page. You'll see which offers are available, and which you can redeem.
Step 2: Check if you're within the time limits

You must redeem your offers within 180 days after the first account was created on the Chromebook.

Here's the fine print:

If the first day you signed in to your Chromebook was after August 1, 2014, you have 180 days (following that first day) to redeem the offers.

If the first day you signed in to your Chromebook was before August 1, 2014, you have 60 days (following that first day) to redeem the offers.

If you don't claim the offers within these time limits, the offers expire.

Note: The 60-day window does not apply to these Chromebooks:

  • Acer AC700
  • Acer Chromebook C710
  • Chromebook Pixel
  • HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook
  • Lenovo Thinkpad X131e Chromebook
  • Samsung Chromebook
  • Samsung Chromebook Series 3
  • Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550
Step 3: Check if your Chromebook is working properly

Make sure that:

  • You're signed in to your Chromebook (you can't redeem offers in incognito or guest mode)
  • Your Chromebook is connected to the Internet
  • Your Chromebook is running the latest version of Chrome OS (must be Chrome OS version 23 or higher)

Next, choose the option that applies to you:

I see "The offer has already been redeemed on your Chrome device"

If you see this message, someone has already redeemed the offer on your Chromebook.

I see "The offer has already been redeemed by your Google Account" or "There are no offers available for [your email address]"

These messages mean that your Google Account has already redeemed the offer, or the offer was redeemed on a different Chromebook with the same Google Account.

My Chromebook is brand new, but won't let me redeem an offer

Try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Sometimes, our redemption server goes down temporarily. Wait a few hours, then try to redeem the offer again.
  • If you're using an external monitor, unplug it from your Chromebook, then try to redeem the offer.
  • Reset your screen resolution by pressing Ctrl + Shift + 0.

If you try these steps but still can't redeem the offer, contact us.

I redeemed the Drive storage offer, but don't see my new storage yet

If you haven't yet, you can redeem the Drive storage offer at

After you've redeemed the offer, you'll see your new storage space at It can take up to 10 minutes to appear.

I'd like to transfer my offer to a different Google Account

Sorry, that's not allowed. The offer is credited to the Google Account you were using when you redeemed it.

Special notes for Google for Work users

I use my Chromebook at work. Can I redeem offers?

If you use your Chromebook at work (and your workplace uses Google for Work apps and services), you might be able to redeem these offers. Check out these frequently-asked questions:

For the Drive storage offer, can I transfer the storage to other people at my organization, or pool the storage?

No. The offers can be redeemed once per machine or once per Google Account, whichever comes first.

Individual Storage is turned off in my Google Apps Control Panel. Can I still redeem the Google Drive offer?


Docs and Drive are turned off in my Google Apps Control Panel. Can I still redeem the Google Drive offer?


I am a Google for Work administrator at my organization. Can I control whether or not offers are available?

These offers are consumer offers, and therefore are available to any Google Account on the Chromebook. However, you can create some restrictions. Check out these frequently asked questions:

Our organization bought several Chromebooks recently. Why are those devices not eligible for all offers?

Some Chromebooks can't get offers because they were built before some offers were available. The offer redemption tool is built in to the hardware, and it can't be added after a device is built.

Since our organization paid for the devices, how can we make sure that people don't sign in with their personal Gmail accounts and redeem an offer for personal use?

If you want to make sure that people at your organization can only redeem the offer with your domain accounts, make sure to:

  1. Enroll all your devices to your domain
  2. Use a whitelist so people can't sign in to a Chromebook with their personal accounts

How can I prevent people in my domain from redeeming the Google Drive offer?

You'll need to turn off Google Drive for your domain.

But keep in mind:

  • This offer does not change the Drive feature set.
  • People who redeem the offer get more storage at no additional cost.
  • After two years, all your files will remain in Drive and you can use them whenever you want at no additional charge. You won't be able to add more files until you buy more storage at

I'm having problems redeeming an offer. Who should I contact?

First, try the troubleshooting steps on this page. If you need more help, contact the Chromebook consumer support team.

If you have problems with Chrome OS or Google Drive that aren't related to offer issues, report those issues to the Google for Work team.

Casey is a Chromebook expert and author of this help page. Help her improve this article by leaving feedback below.

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