Tour of your Chromebook

The sign-in screen

We’ve designed the Chromebook to get you on the web as quickly as possible. In this tour, we’ll walk you through the main screens you’ll encounter while using your Chromebook:

  • Sign-in screen
  • Your desktop area
  • Your browser window

In our quest to make web browsing as easy as possible, we’ve even customized the keyboard for the web. If you’re using a Chromebook, you can get some tips on using your touchpad to maneuver around the screen.

Let’s get started: The sign-in screen

Your Chromebook starts up pretty fast. Simply open the lid of your Chromebook to turn it on. If it's already open or you have a Chromebox, press the power button. The first screen you’ll see after starting up your Chromebook is the main sign-in screen. All the Google Accounts you add to the device will show up here. That way, everyone using your Chromebook can access their own browser preferences and settings in their account.

Here are the key things you can do on this screen:

  • Sign in
    Just click the Google Account you want to use and enter your password. You'll see your background wallpaper on the sign-in screen. If there are multiple accounts on your Chromebook, you'll see the background wallpaper associated with each account when you click on a user's sign-in box.
  • Add a new account
    To use a Google Account not listed on the screen, click + Add Person in the lower-left corner of the screen. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet, so that your account information can be verified.
  • Browse as a guest
    Your friends and family can borrow your Chromebook and browse the web, even if they don’t have a Google Account. You can also take advantage of the guest browsing to quickly browse the web in private. Click Browse as Guest from the launcher to start a guest browsing session.
  • Remove accounts
    Click the x button in the upper-right corner of the account picture to remove the account from the screen. Don't worry; you won't actually delete the Google Account or the data and settings synced with the account.
  • Shut down
    Click the button in the lower-left corner of the screen or simply close the lid to shut down.

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