Reformat your recovery media

After you have recovered your Chromebook using the Recovery Tool for Windows, you need to format your USB stick or SD card using the same Recovery Tool for Windows. If you don't format your USB flash drive or SD card, you won’t be able to use all the storage space on your external device. Additionally, your USB flash drive or SD card may not be recognizable by Windows.

Follow the steps below to reformat your USB stick or SD card:

  1. Start the Recovery Tool you used to create the recovery media.
  2. Choose Options.
  3. Click Format media.
  4. Insert and select your recovery USB stick or SD card. Press the Next button.
  5. Confirm that all files on the recovery media will be erased by clicking OK.
  6. Your recovery media has been prepared for formatting with the Window formatting tools. Click Continue.
  7. In the Windows formatting tool make sure that FAT32 is the selected file system and press Start.
  8. Confirm that all data on the disk will be erased by clicking OK.
  9. When the formatting process is complete, you’ll see a confirmation message that says “Format Complete.” Your USB stick or SD card has now been formatted and you can close the tool.