Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keyboard strokes and clicks that you can use to perform specific actions. Knowing some of the shortcuts listed below can help save you time.

You can also press Ctrl+Alt+? whenever you're signed in on your Chromebook to see a map of these shortcuts directly on the screen.

  Tabs and windows   Page shortcuts   Browser settings   Text editing  
Ctrl+Shift+B Toggle the display of the bookmarks bar. Bookmarks appear on the New Tab page if the bar is hidden.
Alt+Shift+M Open the Files app
Ctrl+. Display hidden files in the Files app
Ctrl+H Open the History page
Ctrl+J Open the Downloads page
Shift+Esc Open the Task Manager
Ctrl+Alt+/ Open the list of available keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+? Go to the Help Center
Ctrl+maximize key Configure monitor display
Shift+Alt+S Place focus on the status area, where your account picture appears. Use the actions listed for Shift+Alt+T to move the focus.
Shift+Alt+T Place focus on the browser toolbar
  • Press Tab or the right arrow to focus on the next item in the toolbar
  • Press Shift+Tab or the left arrow to focus on the previous item in the toolbar
  • Press Ctrl+Alt and the up arrow to focus on the first item in the toolbar
  • Press Ctrl+Alt and the down arrow to focus on the last item in the toolbar
  • Press Space or Enter to activate buttons, including page actions and browser actions
  • Press Shift + increase volume key to open the context menu for the button (if available).
  • Press Esc to return focus to the page
Ctrl + left arrow key or Ctrl + right arrow key Switches focus to the next keyboard-accessible pane. Panes include:
  • Status bar containing the time, network icon, and battery icon in the corner of the screen
  • Address bar
  • Bookmarks bar (if visible)
  • The main web content (including any infobars)
  • Downloads bar (if visible)
Alt+Shift+B Place focus on the bookmarks bar. Use the actions listed for Shift+Alt+T to move the focus.
Alt+E or Alt+F Open the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar
Ctrl+Alt+Z Enable or disable accessibility features if you're not signed in with a Google Account. If you're signed in, you can configure the accessibility feature on the Settings page.

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