Manage windows and tabs

You can control the way windows and tabs look on your Chromebook screen.

Open a window

To open a new Chrome window, click the Chrome icon on your shelf . If you already have a window open and want to open another one, press Ctrl + N.

Move or control windows

Maximize a window: Click the maximize button .

Minimize a window: Click the minimize button .

View full screen: At the top of your keyboard, press the full screen key . This key is also called F4.

Switch between windows: At the top of your keyboard, press the window switcher key window switcher key. This key is also called F5.

Dock windows: For a split-screen effect, you can dock a window to the left or right:

  1. Click and hold the maximize button .
  2. Drag to the left or right arrow .
    • Optional: You can also use the shortcut Alt + [ to dock left, or Alt] to dock right.

Show a window on multiple screens: Learn how to connect to a monitor.

Move or control tabs

Learn how to arrange your tabs.

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