Manage windows and tabs

You can control the way windows and tabs show up on the screen by changing their size and how they’re organized.

Open a new window

After you sign in to your Chromebook, click the Chrome icon Chrome icon on the shelf at the bottom of your screen to open a new browser window.

To open a new tab, click the new tab new tab icon at the top of the window.

Control windows

Switch between windows: Press the windows switcher key switch window key at the top of your keyboard.

Maximize or dock windows: Use the window control icon at the top right corner of the window.

  • To maximize, click the icon once.
  • To dock the window to the left or right (for a split-screen effect), click and hold the icon, then use the left and right dock arrows.
  • To view a window full-screen (without browser controls), press the maximize key full screen key.

Minimize: Click the minimize icon.

Control tabs

Reorder tabs: Click and drag a tab and drag it to a different position in the window.

Pin tabs: If you have a lot of tabs open, you can pin them so they take up less space.

  • To pin a tab, right-click the tab and select Pin tab.
  • To unpin a tab, right-click the tab and select Unpin tab.

Move tabs into new windows: Click and drag a tab down, then move it to the top of the window you want to add it to.

To manage your tabs and windows with your keyboard, take a look at the full list of keyboard shortcuts.

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