How to use Adaptive charging

To extend your battery's health, you can use Adaptive charging on your Chromebook. 

If your Chromebook spends extended periods of time at full charge, your battery capacity reduces over time. To keep the charge level less than 100% for a period of time, Adaptive charging delays charging your Chromebook to full. 

Turn Adaptive charging on

Important: With Adaptive charging on, sometimes your device will not fully charge.

To analyze your daily charging patterns and charge Chromebook based on predictions of your unplug time, your Chromebook uses machine learning. It's designed to charge your device fully before you unplug it.

Adaptive charging turns on based on predictions of your daily Chromebook use. If you unplug your device after it's fully charged, Adaptive charging won't turn on.

Turn Adaptive charging on or off

If you want your Chromebook to charge consistently to full, turn Adaptive charging off.

  1. On your Chromebook, at the bottom right, select the Battery .
  2. Select Settings and then Device and then Power and then Adaptive charging.
  3. Turn Adaptive charging on or off. 


  • A notification shows when Adaptive charging holds the battery charge at around 80% or above. To stop Adaptive charging temporarily and charge your Chromebook to full, in the notification, select Fully charge now.
  • Adaptive charging is automatically on if it’s supported by your device and allowed by admin policy.

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