Watch Netflix

If you encounter issues with Netflix, first enter "chrome://settings/contentExceptions#ppapi-broker" into the browser address bar and check that you've allowed Netflix to run on your system by ensuring "Allow" is selected in the dropdown menu.

To watch Netflix movies on your Chromebook, all you need are a Netflix account and the latest version of the Chrome operating system. Follow these steps to check for system updates:

  1. Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Settings > Help. Alternatively, you can type chrome://chrome in your browser's omnibox (the address bar).

You can then visit to sign in and watch a movie. The first time you watch a movie, you'll see a message appear at the top of your screen. Click OK to allow the page to store your Netflix account information on your Chrome device.

While watching a movie, press maximize at the top of your Chromebook to maximize and minimize the screen.

Netflix movie streaming is not compatible with guest sessions. Also, if you're using a Cr-48, you'll only be able to watch low resolution videos at this time.

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