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You can let your friends use printers in your account, as long as they also have Google Accounts. Manage sharing permissions for your printers through the Google Cloud Print website. If you're looking to share your printer with a large group of people, set up a Google Group and share your printer with the mailing list.

Sharing with individual email addresses

  1. Visit your Google Cloud Print page.
  2. Click Printers on the left side.
  3. Select the printer that you want to share. If you don't see your printer, try refreshing the page.
  4. Click the Share button. When you share your printers, you'll share the printer names so choose a descriptive name by clicking Rename.
  5. In the dialog that appears, enter the email address for the person or Google Group you want to share with. You may not be able to share the printer if someone else originally shared this printer with you.
  6. Click Share.

Your friend will receive an email notification. To disable sharing, follow the steps above to open the Sharing dialog for the printer and edit the list of email addresses.

Sharing with a group

  1. Invite your friends to a Google Group. See steps for setting up a group in the Google Groups Help Center.
  2. Follow the instructions above to add the group's email address to the list of users.
  3. If you're the group owner, you're all done -- group members can now access the printer as long as they have Google Accounts. If you're sharing multiple printers with the same group, wait until all sharing requests have been made and accept all requests at once.

If you're not the group owner, a request will be sent to the group owner. Once he or she approves the request at Google Cloud Print page, group members will be able to access the printer.

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