Automatic file deletion

If your Chromebook contains a lot of file downloads or user accounts, you could be running low on disk space.

Detect disk space issues

If you're almost out of disk space, you'll see a message appear in your Files app: "Caution: These files are temporary and may be automatically deleted to free up disk space."

You may also experience the following issues:

  • Trouble downloading files
  • Trouble loading webpages
  • Trouble changing or saving settings, such as passwords
  • Trouble adding new user accounts to your Chromebook

Fix disk space issues

To fix disk space issues, delete files you no longer need. If you want to free up more space, clear your browsing data and download history. If you choose not to take any action, your downloaded files, browsing data, and cache will automatically be deleted.

If additional space is needed, non-owner user accounts may also be removed. Don't worry; the actual Google Account or data that has been synced with the account, like bookmarks, won't be deleted. Only files that are stored on your Chromebook will be deleted. Accounts with owner permissions are never deleted.

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