Find apps for your Chromebook

Apps work like regular programs for computers, except they run in the Chrome browser. Apps are easy to add to your Chromebook, and they keep your Chromebook running fast and your files safe. Here are a few apps that you can use for common tasks.

Use apps that are already on your Chromebook

Task Recommended Chromebook app Similar software
Create a document Docs Word, Pages
Create a spreadsheet Sheets Excel, Numbers
Create a presentation Slides Powerpoint, Keynote
Take a note Google Keep Notepad, Notes
Organize and play music Google Play Music iTunes, Windows Media Player
Edit a photo Open image from Files app or use Google Drawings GIMP
Make calls and video chat Hangouts Skype
Write an email Gmail Outlook, Mac Mail
Organize your calendar Calendar Outlook, iCal
Find and save files Files or Google Drive My Computer, Finder
Access another computer Chrome remote desktop Remote Desktop Connection, Apple Remote Desktop

Add other apps

You can also download apps from the Chrome Web Store to use on your Chromebook. Here are some suggested apps:

Apps for every day
Task Recommended Chromebook app
Save a file Google Drive or Dropbox
Read email Gmail or other webmail services
Organize events on a calendar Google Calendar
Write a note Google Keep, Evernote, or Wunderlist
Chat with friends and family Google Hangouts or Facebook
Watch a movie, clip, or tv show Google Play Movies, Netflix, or YouTube
Edit a video or movie WeVideo Video Editor
Listen to music Google Play MusicPandora, Spotify, or Amazon Music.
Organize and save music Google Play Music or Amazon Music
Edit or create music Beatlab
Play a game Cut the Rope, Entanglement, WGT Golf Challenge, or explore more games
Edit, organize, and store photos Google Photos or Pixlr Editor
Create a card, newsletter, or flyer Lucidpress
Draw a picture Sketchpad, deviantART muro, or Sumo Paint
Read a book Google Play Books or Kindle Cloud Reader
Get the news and weather Google News, feedly, or WeatherBug
Research travel information Hipmunk
Find local business information and directions Google Maps
Play fun family games Qbox or Coloring Pages
Learn a new language Duolingo
Apps for school
Task Recommended Chromebook app
Take notes or write a document Google KeepGoogle Docs, Evernote, or Quick Note
Create a presentation Google Slides
Create a diagram Google Drawings
Create a spreadsheet Google Sheets or Zoho Sheet
Keep track of things to do Google Tasks or Google Keep
Research a project Google Books
Plan for a project Zoho Projects or Smartsheet
Do calculations Calculator app or Scientific Calculator
Look up word definitions Google Dictionary
Keep track of time Alarm clock app
Improve your reading skills Sight Words
Apps for work
Task Recommended Chromebook app
Write a document Google Docs or Zoho Writer
Create a presentation Google Slides or SlideRocket Platinum
Create a diagram Google Drawings
Design a publication Lucidpress
Create a spreadsheet Google Sheets or Zoho Sheet
Manage accounts and taxes Wave Accounting or Zoho Books
Organize personal finances Mint or CashBase
Develop or debug code Cloud9
Manage tasks Wunderlist or Remember the Milk
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