Register for a Google Checkout Merchant account

If you want to sell your apps through the Chrome Web Store using Google Checkout, follow the steps below to register as a Google Checkout merchant. You can also integrate with another payment service without being a Google Checkout merchant.

All transactions must abide by Google Checkout content policies and Chrome Web Store program policies.

It might be helpful to also review our supported locations for developers.

1. Sign up for a Google Checkout Merchant account.

Click the link on your Chrome Developer Dashboard or the Edit Apps page to reach the Google Checkout Merchant sign-up page. Don’t see the link? Make sure you’re registered as a Chrome Web Store developer.

You can also visit directly and sign in with the Google Account you use for the Developer Dashboard. (It should be the same account that you used to pay the developer registration fee.)

2. Provide your bank account information.

Enter your bank account information in the Google Checkout Merchant Center, so that you can collect payments from users.

See more information about setting up and verifying your bank account.

3. Set up taxes.

In order to charge users the right amount of taxes, you must specify tax rates in the Google Checkout Merchant Center. See instructions on how to set up your tax tables. The tax rates you specify automatically apply when the buyer checks out.

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