App Launcher

The Chrome App Launcher is the hub of all your Chrome apps and with it you have quick access to all of your apps from the desktop. When you install an app from the "For Your Desktop" collection of the Chrome Web Store, you get the App Launcher. The App Launcher requires you to sign in to Chrome to enable apps that need access to your Google account.

Manage apps

When you download a new app that enables App Launcher, the apps from your Apps bookmark on Chrome New Tab page will also appear in the App Launcher. Managing apps in the App Launcher is simple.

  • Add more apps: Click the Chrome Web Store button in your apps list and explore the apps in the store.
  • Remove an app: Right-click the app (or click with two fingers on a Chromebook or a Mac) and select Remove from Chrome.
  • View your apps: Click the light gray bars at the bottom of your apps list to see your apps.
  • Organize your apps: Click and hold an app and move it to adjust its position in your apps list.
  • Find an app: Type the name of your app into the search box at the top of your apps list. Select your app (with its icon) from the search results.


Get quick access to specific App Launcher settings from the Chrome menu Chrome menu inside the App Launcher.

  • Sign in: Use your Google Account to sign in to Chrome and the App Launcher. Choose to sync apps and other settings across computers.
  • Users: When you have multiple users on Chrome, each user has their own App Launcher settings and apps. Each user has to be signed in to Chrome to access apps. To switch users click the Chrome menu within the App Launcher, then click Settings, and under “Users” select a user and click Switch user.
  • Advanced settings: You can easily adjust your App launcher privacy, network, language, and download settings.

More information

I don't see the launcher any more. How do I get it back?
  • Windows: To repin the App Launcher to the taskbar click the Start menu > All programs > Google Chrome > hover over "Chrome App Launcher" > right click and click Pin to Taskbar.
  • Mac: Drag the Chrome App Launcher app from Finder, or the Spotlight results list, to your Dock.
How do I remove the launcher?
  • Windows: By default App Launcher is pinned to the taskbar in Windows 7/8. To remove the launcher from the taskbar right-click the App Launcher and click Unpin this program from taskbar.
  • Mac: Click the App Launcher icon on the Dock and drag the icon to the Trash icon.
Why do some things in my launcher show with an arrow icon?

The icons shown with an arrow icon are the same website shortcuts that were on the New Tab page. When you click these icons they open in a new browser tab.

Why do I need to sign in to Chrome to use the launcher?

Signing in to Chrome allows you to launch your apps from desktop, sign in to all apps that use Google identity, and sync your apps, bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings across devices.

Can I use the launcher without syncing all of my chrome data?