Permissions requested by apps and extensions

When you install or update apps and extensions, a warning to access your data may appear. The warning doesn't mean the app is dangerous, just that it can be. Accept the warning to allow permission or deny to prevent the app or extension from accessing your information.

Recognize permission levels

Below are the permissions apps and extensions may request and their potential risk levels.

High alert High alert

When the permission requires access to all data on your computer and the websites you visit, it means that the app or extension can access almost anything. This could be your webcam or personal files, inside or outside of your browser.

Medium alert Medium alert

These alerts may request access to:

  • Your data on all the websites you visit gives access to read, request or modify data from every page you visit (bank account, Facebook).
  • Your data on a list of websites gives access to read, request or modify data on pages you visit on a list of specified websites.
Low alert Low alert

This requests access to:

  • Your list of installed apps, extensions and themes: The app or extension can enable, disable, uninstall or launch themes, extensions, and apps you have installed.
  • Your bookmarks: The app or extension can read, change, add to, and organize your bookmarks.
  • Your browsing history: The app or extension can read and erase your browsing history.
  • Your tabs and browsing activity: The app or extension can see the URLs and titles of websites you visit. It can also open and close tabs and windows, as well as navigate to new pages in open tabs and windows.
  • Your physical location: The app or extension can use the current location of your computer or device.
  • Data you copy and paste: The app or extension can access information you've copied and pasted

Optional permissions will ask you to deny or allow permissions after the app or extension has been installed. When you allow optional permissions, you can't change them after.

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