Issues with payouts


Payouts for your Google Checkout seller account are issued according to your payout schedule. If your account is eligible for a payout but the funds have not been received, take a look at our list of most common payout issues. Select any of the possible reasons for more information and possible fixes.

Transaction delays

A slight processing delay may occur when funds are issued by Google. Your bank may take an additional three business days to register the money in your bank account. Contact your bank representative directly for an estimate of your bank’s turnaround time for electronically deposited funds.

Insufficient account balance for a payout

Payouts can only be issued if you've reached a minimum balance, which will vary by region. If your earned balance does not meet this amount, your balance will continue to accrue until the next disbursement cycle.

Bank account details are missing

You don’t need to enter bank account information before you can start accepting orders, since you can process transactions now and be paid out at a later date after banking details are in place. To enter your bank account information, sign in to your Google Checkout account.

Add or update bank account information

To edit a bank account listed in your Checkout account:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click the Settings tab, then click Financials.
  3. Click Change Account...
  4. Enter your bank account information exactly as it appears on file with your bank.
  5. Click Save financials.

If your account is not based in Brazil, Argentina, India, Russia or Taiwan, you may need to wait five to seven business days to reset your bank information if it was entered incorrectly. At that time, check for an email from Google with instructions for updating your account.

Test deposit needs to be verified

To ensure the security and validity of your information, you will be asked to perform a verification process each time after you add or change your bank account information.

How to find your test deposit

If you can’t locate the deposit amount from Google that’s needed to complete the bank account verification process, check that you’ve provided correct bank account information. If you’re confident that the bank account information listed in your Checkout account is accurate, try the following steps:

  • Wait a few more days. It may take up to five business days before the deposit is registered in your bank account. Google will initiate your deposit within two business days, and your bank may require three additional business days to register the deposit in your account. The amount of the test deposit depends on the location of your bank account but will in most cases be an amount between 0.01 and 1.00. The test deposit range will vary for accounts opened in Japan, the Czech Republic, South Korea, and Hong Kong.
  • Contact your bank to confirm your bank account can receive funds electronically. If not, you won’t be able to receive payouts from Google Checkout in that bank account.
  • Verify that your bank account is based in the same country in which you signed up for a Google Checkout account and that your bank account’s currency corresponds to the country of your Checkout account. For example, you’ll need to have a GBP denominated bank account in mainland UK if you have a UK Checkout account and a USD denominated bank account in the US if you have a US Checkout account.

Re-enter the test deposit amount

This step does not apply to accounts based in Brazil, Argentina, India, Russia, or Taiwan.

If you originally entered the incorrect deposit amount in your Google Checkout account but have now located the correct deposit amount, please contact us to confirm the deposit amount. If you provide the correct test deposit, we’ll verify the bank account on your behalf.