Develop apps, extensions, and themes

If you’re a developer interested in creating apps, extensions, and browser themes for Google Chrome Web Store, here’s some information to get you started.

Get information about the kind of item you want to develop

You can learn more about apps, extensions, and themes. Make sure the items you develop follow the guidelines in the Chrome Web Store Developer Program Policies and Google Chrome Web Store Developer Agreement.

If your item doesn’t follow these guidelines, it will be removed from Chrome Web Store.

Pay the developer registration fee.

If you've never used the Developer Dashboard before, you'll need to pay a one-time $5 developer registration fee to start building your first app, extension, or theme. You’ll need to pay it only once, even if you publish more items in the future. Click the link on the dashboard to pay the fee through Google Wallet.

If you’re having problems making a payment with Google Wallet, these articles can help:

For other questions about using Google Wallet, visit the Wallet Help Center.

Learn about selling your items on the Chrome Web Store

Developers in all countries can publish items that are free or that use third-party payment systems.

Developers in the US and select countries can use Google Wallet to sell items to buyers in these international markets.

Learn more about making money from your items in the Chrome Web Store.

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