How to install free apps

See if the Chrome Web Store is available in your location.

Once an app is installed, you can start using it right away -- no need to restart the browser. Learn more about apps

Steps for installing free apps

You need a Google Account in order to install apps from the Chrome Web Store. A Google Account gives you a single username and password that you can use to access Google products and services. Don’t have an account? Create one in minutes.

  1. Visit the store at You can also reach it by clicking the Web Store icon icon in the Apps section of the New Tab page.
  2. Browse or search for the app you’d like to install.
  3. Free apps show an Add to Chrome button on their details page. Click the button to install the app. See a Buy for [price] button instead? Learn more about buying apps
  4. The app automatically installs and its icon appears in the “Apps” section of the New Tab page. You'll see a prompt that points you to the new tab icon at the top of the browser window to open the New Tab page. To use the app later, go to the Apps section in the New Tab page and click on the app icon. You can also go to the item's details page in the store to click the Launch app button.

Some developers may offer free versions of their paid apps. If a free trial is available, you‘ll see a Try now button on the app’s details page. Click the button to install the trial. Learn more about free trials

Using a Chromebook at work or school? Your network administrator might block certain apps, in which case you won't be able to install them. Learn about using a managed Chromebook

After installation

  • Find and open your apps in a few different ways. Learn more about how to open apps.
  • Sync your apps to save your apps to your Google Account. This way, you can easily access them no matter what computer you’re using. Learn more about sync
  • Uninstall an app: Open up a New Tab page and go to the Apps section. Drag the app into the "Remove from Chrome" button at the lower right corner. You can also right-click on the app and select Remove from Chrome.

Anyone can upload items to the Chrome Web Store, so you should only install items created by people you trust. Check the item’s ratings and reviews to determine if it’s trustworthy.

Watch a video

Learn more about installing apps directly from a developer's website.