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My question is how do i transfer an indeed resume to any of my files B
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Chrome keeps defaulting to the wrong language Chrome keeps defaulting to Russian when I open websites. I have changed all my language settings to … why the "Automatic tab discarding" in chrome://flags disappear? Automatic tab discarding doesn't appear anymore in the chrome 75 version i checked the chrome://flag… Can't Create Desktop Shortcut for Secondary Google Calendar Account I am logged into 2 Google accounts in Chrome, and I am trying to add a Chrome App for the secondary …
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This computer will no longer receive Chrome updates because Windows XP and Windows Vista are no long I'm running Win10, patched up to date, on a machine that has only ever had Win10 installed. 8GB RAM.…
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log into facebook Tried resetting, erasing cookies and cache, incognito mode How to stop "Your browser is managed by an organization" How can I discontinue my browser being "Managed by your organization"? (Please don't answer with the… Top part of chrome is missing and unclickable. Have to restart computer to fix problem Whenever I am on chrome browsing the web, and needed to open Microsoft Word, Chrome somehow have thi… No option to import passwords that Chrome saved in csv file. I used chrome to save my passwords (csv file). Much to my surprise, I could find no way to import th…
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Chrome app keeps closing my tabs on Iphone Hello, I recently noticed my tabs on my Iphone chrome app keeps closing automatically after a while.…
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Google sync start to pause automatically don't know why every time I have to sign in back to enable i want to fix the problem of sync paused issue. every time i have to sign in for makingsynchronize o…
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Chrome is my default browser but suddenly only Safari will open css files. My default browser is Chrome. I started a new project with VS Code this morning and went to check th…
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Password change I saved a password for one of my websites
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Wrong page opens when I click a link..... Every time I click on a link whether it was from a search or just from a webpage the page that opens…
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My bookmarks won't permanently delete. They keep coming back. Can anyone help? Permanently delete Chrome Bookmarks
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Why do I keep getting a clock error? A private connection to WEBSITE can't be established because your computer's date and time (Tuesday,…
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تم اختراق حسابي ، وواحد من بريدي الإلكتروني بعنوان: (ksa.e.vip@gmail.com) ، الرجاء مساعدتي لاستعادت تم اختراق حسابي ، وواحد من بريدي الإلكتروني بعنوان: (ksa.e.vip@gmail.com) ، الرجاء مساعدتي لاستعادته…
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DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN - Is there a fix that REALLY works?! I can access web with Edge on my laptop (Win 10), but Chrome always says DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN…
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Flash player Hi, Its Vignesh Palannisamy. I have currently using the "Google chrome Version 73.0.3683.103 (Offici…
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Google Chrome went Black and you can't read anything. After updating Windows, Chrome goes completely Black and you can't click anything. I have uninstalle…
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