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Snap! You're fuc*ed! Happens to me EVERYDAY now. Nothing is ever happening out of the ordinary or unusual. I'm always just minding my own business ge…
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I am unable to log in to my Google account on Chrome. It says that I need to delete my browser's cache and cookies in order to sign in. I did that and it still won't let me. What should I do? I am unable to log in to my Google account on Chrome. It says that I need to delete my browser's cac…
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Does anyone have a fix for Google chrome crashing when attempting to upload files? I have disabled all extensions, cleared all browsing data and history, downloaded and installed the …
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Chrome keeps defaulting to the wrong language Chrome keeps defaulting to Russian when I open websites. I have changed all my language settings to … DownloadsUi keeps crushing, I can't do anything Downloading pictures is a nightmare, keeps saying it has stopped working
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How do I disable tablet mode? So I noticed that a little over a month ago, Chrome seems to have given some sort of tablet friendly…
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How do I recover tabs after Chrome crashes on iOS? My chrome app on my iPhone crashed and closed all my tabs, and I was given the prompt but I accident…
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Nazri 9624 I don't want lose my acc again How do I permanently enable Flash? There are several sites I use daily that require Flash. I understand that Flash will be phased out s… How to know the problem in the video if it does not play in only the Google Chrome browser? The video, available to download on this URL(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a9d3yvVzcwa-9dzmEES10…
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Chrome with WebRTC freezes web page and closes itself I use WebRTC for about one year. The specificity of my usage is browser must be in On state all time…
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Chrome Extensions [Android] Hello, We are looking forward to see the extension support on Chrome Android. Many people including … I tried changing the background theme to a solid color but cannot go back to theme I want I stumbled across a way to change the background from a theme picture to a solid color and did not l… Send tab to self not working on windows 10. It works for all other devices including windows 7 Chrome send tab to self not working in chrome on windows 10. I have enabled the appropriate flag. It…
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My saved passwords have vanished, where are they? I have been using my google account to save my passwords right from the beginning and now all of a s…
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Lost Passwords after update or re-launch Yesterday I updated Chrome and also turned off my laptop. This morning I turned in back on and Googl…
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Chrome for android is freezing I have a samsung galaxy j7 (sm-j700m) running android marshmallow. since 3 days ago, when i open chr…
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_crx_.......... popup window keeps on appearing Randomly (or seemingly - I haven't found a pattern yet), I get a Chrome window created (minimised to…
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How to remove Your Free PDF Converter from Chrome Extensions? Tried uninstalling, removing, resetting and everything that is possible. This is one malware and irr…
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Why is Google slowing my computer down so much? I have a Windows 10, Dell laptop. Completely up to date. My computer has 8 gb of RAM, 250 gb hard dr…
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