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Garbled Graphics on 10.15.4 After upgrading to 10.15.4, some sites and windows appear like the attached. I've only seen this beh… i have this cmd run in background whenni open Chrome, how to disable the cmd which might be virus i have this _crx_dagcmkpagjhakfdhnbomgmjdpkdklff running when i open chrome, please help me the solv…
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Is it possible to get an email when a remote pc restarts. Am running google remote desktop I am working with remote desktop on two laptops with windows and was wondering if it is possible to …
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I printed a page in chrome desktop and chose the option "Save to google drive". ​As in the image, it said "This won't be supported after December" And learn more. But when I clicke…
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Why chrome and Android system webview are not getting updated in my phone? I'm not able to update Google Chrome and Android system webview. Rest every apps will get updated. I… I can't update chrome I tried to update my chrome in playstore I can't be done
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Dark Theme Won't Reset So I was in dark mode on my mac, and it was messing with the colors on Chrome, so I turned it to Lig…
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Low memory Cannot upload pics to any site showing error message "cannot complete due to low momory
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I need to report an Developer for child exposure Chris and Cathy is an developer and doctor who lives next door from his old apartment 2120 East Loop…
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“Find in page” not working for PDF files in Chrome in iOS The “find in page” option in Chrome browser on iOS is always grayed out when trying to search a PDF …
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Google isn't letting me search ANYTHING Static and white noise when I search anything gray black and white screen . I got to close out of ev…
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Blurry screen Every time I go on the site Prodigy I have been recently have been seeing a blurry screen.I have tri…
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Google Chrome Graphic Glitches When using Chrome the screen will occasionally turn into an array of part of the screen, vertical li…
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filled out pdf form in chrome, downloaded to save but all info was gone I have tried searching recent tabs, history, downloads, etc. These are legal docs and I need them to…
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Why my Facebook accounts are disabled 1. Gabriel and Risper Onsongo 2. Enoch's son Gabriel Am connecting with my friends
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i accidentally deleted an important folder in bookmarks can it be recovered?t I am trying to find a way to recover a bookmark folder, i don't know what to do about it, i thought … Line shows up when clicking on text? A couple of days ago a flashing line appeared whenever I click on any text. It doesn't do it for any…
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Previous/Next Video buttons for Youtube Playlist vanish from the global media controls. When I start listening to a playlist on Youtube, the global media control works just fine. I can eve…
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