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Updated: Today
Invisible/Blank screen/window when using Chrome on MacOS Catalina I'm using Google Chrome on Mac OS Catalina and after using the browser for a bit I always get a wind…
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Sometimes chrome freezes when typing text. When the input box of some specific websites does not use the input method to input English letters,…
0 Recommended Answers 50 Replies 156 Upvotes
Why is the password security pop up so laggy? This pop up, which thankfully I don't have to interact with much, is ludicrously laggy. To the point…
0 Recommended Answers 91 Replies 269 Upvotes
Chrome is crashing my phone Chrome has been crashing in app for a couple of weeks now after recent updates things were fine now …
0 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 21 Upvotes
How to remove this script error - wacore:mfw\\packages\\webadvisor\\wa-controller-checklist.js wacore:mfw\\packages\\webadvisor\\wa-controller-checklist.js This thing is really annoying. and this…
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Google Chrome crashes whenever I use the "Find in Page" feature. Pls help fixing this. Crashes as soon as I click on 'find in page'. Please help fix this
0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 6 Upvotes
Chrome is Auto Adjusting the Microphone Level When using my Blue Yeti Nano mic in Chrome my mic volume is auto adjusting from (55 = which is perfe…
0 Recommended Answers 111 Replies 370 Upvotes
I have been waiting on chrome to clear my browsing data for almost an hour. I am using chrome on my chromebook running Chrome OS, not Linux, but that wasn't an option above. I …
0 Recommended Answers 46 Replies 233 Upvotes
Updated: Yesterday
Google Chrome Helper (Renderer and GPU) takes up my CPU and set on the fan. Hi! I'm on MacBook Pro 2017 and every now and then (more often lately), when I have Google Chrome op…
0 Recommended Answers 22 Replies 398 Upvotes
Updated the game now every single time I have to wipe out the clods and the data to replay it Updated the game every single time I have to clear out the collage and the data just to play the gam…
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
Chrome not working I've lately had issues with chrome not pulling up websites that will pull up using other browsers li…
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
Recently, when I try to print from Chrome my computer hangs up and I get Chrome "not responding" I try to print from Chrome browser and I get Chrome "not responding" message. I am forced to shut do…
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Frequent updates and hang issue PS- i don't know if its chrome or play store issue but whenever i update chrome, next day it shows u…
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Multiple Google Chrome processes on Task Manager. Why? Hi. My PC runs very slow every time I use Google Chrome. Today I noticed that even if I have 5 or 6 …
0 Recommended Answers 401 Replies 1742 Upvotes
الدخول الي موقع مسابقة الحلم قناة اني بي سي لتسجيل رقمي واخبري لانني فائز لا اعرف كيف دخول في الموقع نتاع قناة اني بي سي
0 Recommended Answers 72 Replies 342 Upvotes
"STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION". How do I fix this? I have this issue on my chrome browser "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION". How do I fix this? can someone hel… Very bad last Chrome update (android) Hi, How can I troubleshoot big issues(freezing) with Chrome(android) after the last update? Many use… Slow Search Bars Hello, for about a week, all of the search bars (YouTube,Facebook,Google) seem to be slow and unresp… Crime has taken over my tablet,how do I get rid of it Deleat crome
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 0 Upvotes
Chrome Crashes saying Chrome didn't shut down properly Hi! I'm on a pixel book. If I login with the network on, Chrome tries to restore my prior session, s…
0 Recommended Answers 46 Replies 158 Upvotes
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