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(location settings ) Help I thouht I was in australia, my location keeps changing to, uk, england. (Legal) Is it possible to be charged with something your unaware of? why would someone's name keep a…
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How can i delete chrome browsing history/cookies on exit without deleting passwords? We need to figure out a way to delete the user cookies/browsing history except password when exiting…
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How to import Chrome bookmarks from hard disk that has Chrome installed on it? My old laptop has died, but its hard disk is fine. The old laptop's hard disk has Google Chrome inst…
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(default) what is default settings ? why is it that everytime i turn it off it comes back on. why does someone keep changing my settings on my phone and why would they do that. is there a term o…
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Want first letter of URL to open URL directly. Can't "train" Windows 10. I keep typing names of desired URLs without typing interfering URLs. e.g., well known websites witho…
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Whenever I watch a video a notification appears that I don't want Ok so i just updated my chromebook and now an annoying notification like this now appears whenever I…
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Adobe Flash not supported from December 2020. Evry time I open Chrome I am getting a notification that Adobe Flash will not be supported after Dec… Privacy error on YouTube - "NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID" Privacy error on YouTube - "NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID" please help me
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Every time i get on Youtube it say click enable video converter and i can't watch anything help me I''m trying to watch youtube videos but it won't let me it keeps saying click to enable video conver… passwords sync Passwords do not synchronize to my device (laptop). Sync is on, chrome offers to save passwords etc.…
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Chrome remote desktop update error I've been trying to upgrade from the chrome remote desktop "app" to the new "extension." I continue …
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How do I delete the SearchMine search engine from google chrome on my macbook pro 13? A message popped up on my laptop to update adobe flash player. Once updated, three apps were install… Chrome fonts changed randomly All of the "google related" websites fonts look different, the font is extremely thin and not the us…
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uninstall chrome remote desktop I have an old version of CRD installed which is causing issues. I would like to uninstall it an inst…
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Thin unreadable text for most fields Hello, The default font on Google Chrome right now is almost illegible for me. Most sites are fine, … Side by side configuration is incorrect on a number of PC's C+ upto date and reinstalled chrome??? reinstall fixes the issue but this error is popping up twice a day on different PC's, Checked C+ is …
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No launch, no uninstall, it's all a bit circular My Chrome refuses to open. I have tried the usual stuff, such as restarting Chrome, and the computer…
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Fonts changed after Chrome updated. I guess Chrome had decided it waited long enough for me to update so it did it on it's own. That was…
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How can I "expand my browser window? When I (in Google Chrome) try to click on certain things on Facebook, I get the message to "expand y… How do I disable the chrome helper I have several chrome windows open at a time and all the google chrome helper processes are using to…
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