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Last edited 6/28/19
I work in a school where all machines are Windows 10 and all default browsers are Google Chrome.  There are several different copiers ranging from Dell laser printers to Ricoh copiers with printing.  All of a sudden about a month ago, the staff came in and 3 people were not able to print from Chrome.  

This applies to anything you attempt to print from the Chrome browser i.e. single pictures, an email, a web page, a pdf.  The printers are connected and active.  When print or CTRL+P is pressed, the print dialog comes up, but the preview in the main right panel doesn't draw/render and the options to set up the print in the left panel are greyed out.  

Then over the course of the last few weeks, a domino effect of almost every other computer in the school started exhibiting the same behavior.  There are a few left that will print successfully, but most are doing the same exact thing.

A few details:
- This is exclusive to the Chrome browser.  MS Office, Adobe Reader, Photo apps, etc... all print normally.
- This is not through Google Cloud Print, but standard print drivers setup, tested, updated, and reinstalled with the same behavior.  I know of Google  Cloud Print and while it may be necessary to go in that direction, it never was before about a month ago as everything has been printing from Chrome fine with the regular printer drivers.  We have one printer capable of Google Cloud print, but the others which are the ones used for the bulk of staff print jobs are not.

The steps I've taken:
- Checked for Windows updates
- Checked for Chrome updates
- Uninstalled all standalone Shockwave and Flash installations
- Checked for printer driver updates, deleted and reinstalled printer drivers
- Uninstalled and reinstalled the printers themselves
- Power cycled printers and computers
- Tried the Ricoh print for Chrome extension.  Same failed result.
- Cleared the Chrome cache and reset settings to default.
- Uninstalled all Chrome extensions.
- Uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome.
- Called the copier company's tech support who said there is nothing on the end of their copiers that could be causing this.

I'm at a loss here as this is a non-stop series of complaints and help requests over this issue daily for weeks now.  Is there some known issue that could be causing this?  Something in a recent update?  Any hope for a fix?

I did try to search for a solution online before posting this.  Most were very outdated and the one I saw that was current didn't have any results.  My apologies if there is a fix already posted somewhere and if so, please point me in that direction.
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Me too I have the same problem and still can't print.
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Same here!  I can print from Firefox, but not Chrome.  Did all the steps you did as well.  Frustrating.  Problem just happened out of the blue.  I have searched for online answers as well, no luck.  For me, I am going to switch default browser to Firefox for now.
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I am having the same problem printing from Chrome.  No other Browser is posing a problem to print.  We are a school as well and we use Chrome as our default browser.  Help!
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I also am having the same issue. The print button will often be greyed out. My users have resorted to saving pages as PDFs or using Internet Explorer.

They would like to use Chrome, but cannot because of the inconsistent experience in Chrome.
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I'm having the same issue, also in a school. If we download a doc, open it in PDF viewer/word etc it prints fine, but from Chrome it doesn't even arrive at the print queue.
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I'm have the same issues... went back to FireFox!
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I cannot believe this has NOT been resolved yet!!!
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cannot print also all of a sudden on Chrome only....why isn't something being done about this?
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Add me to the list of folks who cannot print and who have tried EVERY fix I can as a non-techie, home-based freelancer. I have spent hours trying to fix this. If I didn't have so many bookmarks in Chrome, I'd dump it and use Edge or Firefox, where I have no issues printing. 

It happened once, and I was able to fix it. Then there was a windows update, and it came back. I can't control Windows or Google, I feel completely unheard by either platform.

COME ON GOOGLE, fix this issue!!!
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Same issue:  Not EXACTLY sure what I did that fixed it but... one thing was 

Reset and Clean up in the settings.    
I re-selected my printer and now it works.
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