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how to copy urls from address bar as text only? 0 Recommended Answers 31 Replies 131 Upvotes
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Since most recent update, when copying a URL from an address bar it pastes (into adobe & word) as a link. Before the update, the url copied from the address bar would paste as text only. 
How do I switch it back to copy only the text when copying the URL in the address bar?
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You should get plain text if you use "Paste special" or "Paste as plain text".
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This is not an option when pasting to a comment box in acrobat. 

I would like to only copy the text of the url when copying from the address box in chrome, as stated in my question.

To "paste special" in Word takes several clicks. When a job requires pasting numerous URLs into a single document, this is not efficient. 

anyone else have this same problem? is this a change that was implemented specifically? And can i turn it off?
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I am also experiencing this same issue (a URL from the address bar pastes as a link) it is extremely annoying and inefficient to now have to do a "special paste" vs the previous two key keyboard shortcut.
I have noticed the issue with Word and Notes.  
I would love to know how to turn this auto hyperlink paste feature off.
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This is a major pain for me as well - and some programs won't let you paste special/etc. Glad it's not just me. Please fix! I might have to switch to Safari (which still does it fine) if there's no alternative, it's that inconvenient with my work.
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I agree; this change is annoying and unhelpful, and there should at least be a way to revert back to the old behavior that was there for YEARS.
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This issue of my clipboard getting a hyperlink rather than text itself is enough to have me move to Firefox or another browser as a default for awhile.  I'm still looking for a way to do a ctrl + c and not get formatting and often use notepad to paste and re-copy my clipboard to strip that out.  Now I have had to do that for URL's too.
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+1 here as well - this is causing bad behavior in a variety of applications (GMail itself, among others; it's particularly noticeable in Jupyter) that don't handle non-text pastes consistently.
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As the address bar now seems to have some sort of formatting when URLs are copied and pasted, I have to + 1 this as well. This is terribly annoying when copying URLs into things like Word and Outlook, where now you have to "Paste as Special" or paste into Notepad and then copy and paste into your document,
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This is really annoying in combination with my markdown notes app. Need to do a SHIFT-OPTION-COMMAND-V to paste without formatting now.
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Firefox solved this issue. Thanks!
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