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How can i delete chrome browsing history/cookies on exit without deleting passwords? 0 Recommended Answers 23 Replies 92 Upvotes
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We need to figure out a way to delete the user cookies/browsing history except password when exiting Chrome. Chrome settings do not provide a way to do this (we tested it with no luck). Not sure if this can be done via Windows Registry or perhaps this can only be accomplished with an extension. Any help is appreciated.
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Hello Alex,
  • Click right above on the 3 dots
  • Select History
  • Click on the left side on Clear browsing data
  • Select what you will delete
  • Click on the button Clear data
Greetings from Ann
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For cookies, use https://www.chromium.org/administrators/policy-list-3#DefaultCookiesSetting to set all cookies for session only. 
Using https://www.chromium.org/administrators/policy-list-3#SavingBrowserHistoryDisabled for history may be a bit of a brute force method for history. 
Using https://www.chromium.org/administrators/policy-list-3#ImportSavedPasswords might work as a workaround for the whole issue. 
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Look like Google is hiding because Google does not want you to delete the spy hooks placed by the Google sponsored businesses to push for their commercials. In short Google is making money from the advertisers and not from the users. So think why Google should provide you a ways to clear all spy cookies and data upon exit?
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Click the ellipse (the three vertical dots) in the upper right hand area of the browser window and select Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the tab and click the downward carat next to "Advanced"
Under the heading "Privacy and Security", Select "Content settings"
Select "Cookies"
Scroll down to "Clear on Exit" and click the "Add" button.
Add a site
Click the Add button

The cookie(s) for the site you added will now be cleared when you exit the browser, but the passwords remain.
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This is ALL crap! None of this junk works!!  The more i use chrome, firefox is becoming closer to using!
What idiot(s) designed this chrome browser??????????/
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Everyone bashes IE for being bad, but even that at least it had this feature!
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This is maddening. There seems to be no way to clear data upon exit. I use a computer in a public place and need to have all my data NOT get stored, but Google seems to not offer a way to do it without having to manually delete everything. So freaking frustrating. And those steps up DO NOT WORK because there IS NO CONTENT SETTINGS field any longer.
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i don't want to clear browsing history on exit. I cannot find this setting no matter how many posts I read.

all of a sudden my aol password is being deleted every single time i exit google and close the laptop. I have had this laptop for three years and this just started happening after your update two days ago. I"m not saying it's related but ti's strange.
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I think I found out how to address the cookie issue.  Go into Settings/Advanced/Privacy & Security.  Go to "Site Settings" (this appears right above the "clear browsing data" link).    Under "Permissions" the first item on the list is "Cookies".  Click on that and toggle ON the button that will let you "keep local data only until you quit your browser".   There's also an option in the list that will let you type in websites that you want automatically cleared upon exit.

Hope this helps!  I guess Google no longer lives by their former motto: "Don't Be Evil".  They're making it harder and harder to stay private.   I'm sure that when people complain, Google says, "Yeah, but you CAN still delete browsing data and cookies".  What they DON'T tell you is that you have to go through a 500-step process to accomplish it.
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6 days
And where exactly is this 'On Exit'? I am in 'Security & Privacy' and there is no such function.
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