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Last edited 8/15/19
On my work laptop, my Chrome updated to the latest stable release 76 (76.0.3809.87) today and now Chrome is virtually unusable for the majority of the tools I use for my job.

Specifically, taking actions that invoke Javascript- or call-intensive functions causes the browser tab in question to shoot to 100% CPU in the Chrome task manager and the web page typically appears to freeze until whatever is causing it to freeze resolves itself. The following are examples of actions that cause the behavior:
  • clicking filter elements on a PowerBI report
  • typing in the reddit.com search bar (CPU spike immediately ends once the suggestions for what has been typed so far have loaded)
  • taking virtually any action in Azure DevOps Boards or Backlogs

I was using Chrome yesterday fine up until I left. I always hibernate my work laptop prior to leaving for the day and was not on it last night. In fact, it is likely that the device went to sleep and woke up on the same network as a result of this behavior. There really is no potential for malware involved, but I ran every available scan anyways to no avail.

I've searched long and hard today on how to remedy this issue but cannot seem to find anyone that has experienced this specific situation. I can only conclude that there is some new or changed behavior in Chrome 76 that did not exist in the version 75 I had yesterday.

Please, help me track this down. I'd rather not have to swap all of my work functions to another browser.
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I've got the same issue, together with many people.

Everything was working fine until version 76.0.3809.87, now CPU goes up to 100%.
A lot of WebApps, including Google Calendar and Gmail, are almost frozen.

My system should be secure enough to exclude the malware cause, I also tried to disable all my extensions and to work in Incognito mode to avoid any external interference, but the issue was still there.
Only Chrome v76 is affected, older versions or other browsers work fine, so I also exclude network issues.

Hope this post can help to investigate
Last edited 8/1/19
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Your own https://console.developers.google.com  website is running particularly poor because of these changes, I was editing Keys in the console this morning on Version 75 and updated to 76, The same page loads are talking multiples of 5 to load up and perform the same actions.

Cmon guys! whats going on
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Good point on the extensions bit mentioned above. I too attempted to disable every Chrome extension I had to see whether any were causing the issue, but it still persisted. Chrome's own task manager verified this too once I re-enabled them all since they saw hardly any CPU time or usage during any of my tests.
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A few other members of my work team have accidentally taken the Chrome 76 update and now are also experiencing terrible performance in most web applications that are call-heavy. Please address this glaring problem.
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Even Google Maps performs terribly in this version of Chrome. It is very frustrating that this clearly was not tested or not reported in testing.
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It's been over a week with no response to this. It is still a glaring issue and needs addressed, even if just to say "we're aware of the issue and researching a fix".
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We decided to downgrade to 75.x until this issue is fixed. Hope this will not take long to be taken in charge, otherwise, we'll directly change the browser to use.
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Also having issues since updating to the latest version (76.0.3809.100). Our finance team uses Acumatica and content just spins and never loads properly now. Confirmed it only happens when we upgrade to this version. Having my staff use Microsoft Edge in the meantime... yuck.
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Happens too on macOS.
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5 days
I downgraded to Firefox and issue disappeared.
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