Google Chrome errors and crashes

"Aw, Snap!" "Aw, Snap!" message shows if a webpage crashes unexpectedly.
"The following plug-in has crashed..." A plug-in used by the page you're on has become unresponsive or has closed unexpectedly.
"Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed." This error displays when Google Chrome unexpectedly shuts down.
Blocked plug-ins Plug-ins can occasionally be a security risk, so Chrome blocks plug-ins that are not widely used.
Google Chrome won't open at all Some antivirus and firewall applications can prevent Google Chrome from opening on the computer.
Malware that crashes Google Chrome It’s possible that you have malware that can cause Google Chrome to crash.
Recover browser session after a Google Chrome crash Recover the previous browsing session after a crash.
Block popups and unwanted changes to Chrome settings You want to restore your default settings and remove unwanted extensions/toolbars or other third-party programs.
Software that crashes Google Chrome Some third-party software can cause Google Chrome to crash. When this happens, you'll see the message "Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed."
Troubleshoot sync issues If your sync sign-in information gets outdated, you may see a sync error notification on the bookmarks bar.
Unable to find a previously installed extension or app Previously installed apps or extensions have disappeared.
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