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No more "i'm feeling lucky"

Hey guys,
Using chrome version
In Firefox (up until v3) typing a search directly into the address resulted in a "i'm feeling lucky" google search. That functionality is lost with the new "smart address bar" (which is cool i guess). I'd like to see the option of the "i'm feeling lucky" functionality without having to go through two screens.
Perhaps a query such as "lucky:apple" would do the trick.
Hope that made sense,
Thanks for listening,
-- mS
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You actually can make the "I'm feeling lucky" your default search if you want you just have to go through a few steps.
1.)Open the Options Menu (Wrench>>Options)
2.) In the "Default Search:" section click on the "Manage" button
3.) Click the "Add" button
4.) Fill in the the blank text fields calling the search whatever you want
5.) In the URL field paste the following string:
6.) Click the "OK" button
7.) Select the newly made Search from the Window
8.) Click the "Make Default" button
9.) Close out of the options
Now if you use the search through the address bar, it should automatically be a "I'm Feeling Lucky" search
PS That URL makes the assumption that your language is English, if otherwise you may need to do some tweaking to the URL
Hope that helps
Also, if you don't want this to be your default search engine you can still use Lucky search from the address bar.
Follow the steps as listed above except skip steps 7 & 8.
Remember what you made the Keyword field in step 4.
Now you can use that search by typing that keyword into the address bar and pressing the tab key.
This will allow you to use an I'm Feeling Lucky search, without needing it to be your Default Search Engine
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thanks! nice power tip!
Also, is there anywhere that breaks down the 'standard' google has for the extra 'code' behind the "www.google.com"? Idk what you'd call that, but it would be very useful to know.
Lance 57
Lance 57
What about something similar for google maps? So you could use the keyword "map", press tab, and perform a google maps search. Any idea what the URL for that would be?
Hey that's pretty cool. That was my favourite part of Firefox, now I have zero reason to use it except for web design compatibility issues.
I'd say it should be default, but it's not something everyone is used to doing (almost like aol keywords) so it probably shouldn't be default with Chrome. Hmm. but it would impress people, and if they weren't going to the right site they'd just type 'google' or 'google.com'. Hard to say.
Personally, I like having it set to Lucky by default, then I set my keyword to "g".
This could work for default settings, actually. Because people would start typing 'google' and see the little hint come up that says 'to search google press tab'. However, two changes need made-->
- the keyword should have multiple values (g, go, goo, goog, googl, google),
- and it should show the hint as soon as you press 'g', not after you type a space.
It's not set up bad as it is.. I'm just keeping the average user in mind, as that's what seems to be the target.
Very simple: when you're on the search page. the second one you've been directed to by smart search. next to the search box. there's something that says INSTANT IS ON. simply turn that off. and from now every time you want to search something it would stay on the original google search page and you have the option to choose I'm Feeling Lucky. :)
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