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Define a custom protocol handler?

How can I teach Chrome custom protocols like skype:// callto:// myownlittleprotocol://?
In IE that's a registry entry (on windows)
FF on Win uses the registry too after I allow it.
How about Chrome?
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Did you ever find out a response for this?
This will force Chrome to handle your protocol and it won't prompt user for confirmation (I don't know how to allow the confirmation dialog)
Source: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Chrome/thread?tid=2b67d52a2d974418&hl=en
Windows Paths:
XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data
Vista/7: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
Add your protocol to the 'Local State' file under the 'protocol_handler' section, as such:
"protocol_handler": {
"excluded_schemes": {
"<YOUR_PROTOCOL>": false,
I'll probably make it an FAQ or similar for those using chrome as they're primary browser, since the user base is still relatively small. But, I could see where deployment of this ability across multiple systems/users would be a pain!
Pay attention Google!!!
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Hi Nomand 311. Thx for the reply. Can I query in JavaScript what protocol handlers Chrome supports? Or is there a way to amend the User agent string, so my installer could indicate that?
looks like chrome 14 has it now.
I want goto:LINKNAME to point to http://links.aakif.co.cc/LINKNAME
Can anyone help me?
Chrome has NO OPTIONS... :\
Just noticed the same -- that Google Calendar asked to register itself as the webcal handler. I assume Gmail will start doing so soon too. I think the browser-side support for this must be a new feature in Chrome 15.
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