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Why do I get the message "'freshdownload could not take over the download" when trying to click a download link?

"'freshdownload could not take over the download"

Grrrr... I will tell you why.  You got suckered by FreshDevices into installing their trojan-like annoyware - then you tried to remove it.  Of course, when the company is less than legit, you get incomplete uninstalls and "help" in their company forums that is intentionally useless.  It is all designed to force you to reinstall their shoddy product again and cower in the corner rather than to ever again attempt to remove it short of a complete wipe and reinstall of your OS.

The internet forums are full of posts from desperate people who are unable to completely uninstall Fresh Download, despite following all available instructions.  I know, I have been scouring the internet for the past 3 hours looking for a simple tested solution - and found nothing. Registry scans found nothing.  Chrome's about:plugins shows that the plugin is present but offers no means to disable or remove.  Manual searches of the Chrome directories reveal no single file one can remove to correct this issue.  To the makers of Chrome: Hey guys and gals, I love the browser, really, but not having a user interface to manage browser plugins is simply irresponsible and detracts from the beauty of the rest of the product. <out>.

Anyway, after chasing my tail for hours, I finally fell back on old tools that had served me so well in the "day"... HijackThis v1.91 to the rescue.  To my delight, it worked as well on Windows7 as it used to do with XP - and it quickly found the line referring to FreshDownload that needed to be pruned.  I also checked next to an "unknown toolbar" and another unknown call to something that showed the file was missing.  I ignored the fact that it stated files were missing from two Avast Antivirus calls... they always say that but are not really missing.

I made sure all instances of Chrome were shut down before using HiJackThis.  Once I clicked the Fix button and closed the program, my problem was resolved.  Now when I click on a download link, it downloads as if FreshDownload was never installed. 

(Note: current versions of HijackThis are now owned by Trend Micro - I DL'd a copy and tried it out, and other than corporate branding, it seems much the same as before.)

I do hope this helps some of you - feel free to give a shoutout if it does, so that word spreads of the "cure".

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I have found another work round for this problem...
1. Download and install FreshDownload using Internet Explorer.
2 Run FreshDownload.
3. Register FreshDownload. (I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I did)
4. Go to FreshDownload's Options or Preferences screen through the apps menu system. (I can't remember whether if it says options or preferences, but I'm not going to reinstall it to find out!)
5. Go to their "Integration" section.
6. Uncheck all the check boxes and click OK.
7. Exit FreshDownload.
8. Uninstall FreshDownload.
9. Worked for me!!
NB you will have to unsubscribe from their emails as you have to give em your email addy to be able to download FreshDownload!
Just go to: "about:plugins", search for freshdownload and deactivate it;) it works fantastic:):)
I follow gasdoc's method ant it works fantastic !
Thank you very much !
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